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5K Rankings
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Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
8K & 5 Mile Rankings
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M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
10K Rankings
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M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
Half Marathon Rankings
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M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
Marathon Rankings
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M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+

2007 Open Male Half Marathon Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

11 Predrag Mladenovic, Toronto1:07:32.9Oakville Half MarathonM30-39
22 Calvin Staples, Waterloo1:07:56.4Niagara Falls Half MarathonM30-39
33 Charles Bedley, Toronto1:08:28.8Angus Glen Half MarathonM30-39
411Steve Boyd, Kingston1:08:34.0Niagara Falls Half MarathonM40-49
54 Charles Bedley, Toronto1:09:25.2Oakville Half MarathonM30-39
61 Brendan Kenny, Dundas1:09:38.9Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM20-29
722Steve Boyd, Kingston1:09:57.8Limestone City Half MarathonM40-49
85 Calvin Staples, Waterloo1:10:14.4Oakville Half MarathonM30-39
96 Predrag Mladenovic, Toronto1:10:48Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM30-39
107 Daniel Ayotte, Welland1:10:48.3Niagara Falls Half MarathonM30-39
112 Matthew Leduc, Ajax1:11:09.0Toronto Half MarathonM20-29
128 Paul Kemp, Toronto1:11:08.9Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
139 Alex Hutchinson, Toronto1:11:22Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM30-39
1410 Alex Hutchinson, Toronto1:11:27Springbank Half MarathonM30-39
1511 Stephen Miller, Burlington1:11:43.7Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
1612 Alex Hutchinson, Toronto1:11:53.1Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM30-39
1713 Charlie Bedley, Toronto1:11:54Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM30-39
1814 Bart Nichol, Parry Sound1:12:02.3Friendly Massey Half MarathonM30-39
193 Mark Vollmer, Guelph1:12:05Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
204 Bf Kenny, Dundas1:12:17.9The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM20-29
211 Jeff Dill, St.Davids1:12:18.7Niagara Falls Half MarathonM15-19
2215 Shawn Brady, Toronto1:12:23Sudbury Sun Run HalfM30-39
2316 Wayne Dashper, Telford1:12:40.7Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
2417 Mike Strano, Keswick1:12:42.3Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
2518 Ian Reid, Toronto1:12:48.8Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
2633Zeljko Sabol, Kitchener1:12:55Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM40-49
2719 Marc Lennox, Ottawa1:12:58Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonM30-39
2844Zeljko Sabol, Kitchener1:13:14.9The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM40-49
295 Niran Pillay, Beamsville1:13:20.4The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM20-29
306 Chris Smith, London1:13:29Springbank Half MarathonM20-29
3155Andre Okenge, Ottawa1:13:31.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
3266Zeljko Sabol, Kitchener1:13:32.8Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM40-49
3320 Lemi Dadi, Toronto1:13:38.9Niagara Falls Half MarathonM30-39
342 Jeff Dill, St Davids1:13:40Springbank Half MarathonM15-19
3521 Rory Gilfillan, Toronto1:13:35.3Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
3622 Troy Cox, Huntsville1:13:43.4Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
3723 Jay Brecher, Toronto1:13:58.2Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
3824 Mike Strano, Keswick1:14:03.1Angus Glen Half MarathonM30-39
3925 Mike Strano, Keswick1:14:02.1Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
4077Gary Westgate, Toronto1:14:04.5Toronto Half MarathonM40-49
4126 Omar Hafez, Toronto1:14:18.2Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
4227 Troy Cox, Huntsville1:14:38Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM30-39
437 Darl Sutherland, Peterborough1:14:48.8Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
4428 Jason Matthews, Toronto1:14:47.7Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
4529 Darren Weldrick, Toronto1:14:53.7Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
468 Josh Smith, Chatham1:15:10Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM20-29
4730 Scott Mcdonell, Mississauga1:15:10.2Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
489 Niran Pillay, Grimsby1:15:23.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM20-29
4931 Michael Hay, Sudbury1:15:35Sudbury Sun Run HalfM30-39
5032 Michael Bown, Hamilton1:15:38.4The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM30-39
5133 Andrew Taylor, Milton1:15:42.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
5234 Chris Serran, Guelph1:15:46.6Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
5310 Brent Mcmillan, Ottawa1:15:53Sudbury Sun Run HalfM20-29
5435 Lemi Dadi, Toronto1:16:03.2Oakville Half MarathonM30-39
5511 David Sharratt, Guelph1:16:09.9Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM20-29
5688Gary Westgate, Toronto1:16:22.0The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM40-49
5736 Andy Cormack, Toronto1:16:20.2Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
5812 Chris Hartman, London1:16:23Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM20-29
5999James Earl, Toronto1:16:31.7Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM40-49
6013 Jeff Emery, London1:16:40Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM20-29
6114 Ben Perks, London1:16:43Springbank Half MarathonM20-29
6215 Andrew Aukema, Chatham1:16:44.0Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM20-29
631010Brian Brand, Mississauga1:16:48.6Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM40-49
6437 Randy Zabukovec, Kingston1:16:50.2Angus Glen Half MarathonM30-39
651111Jose Fuentes, Hamilton1:16:54.2The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM40-49
661212Jim Burrows, London1:16:56Springbank Half MarathonM40-49
6716 Matthew Pothen, Ottawa1:17:04Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonM20-29
683 Francis Coral - Mellon, Newmarket1:17:05.6Niagara Falls Half MarathonM15-19
6917 Erik Uuksulainen, North Bay Ontari1:17:12.3Friendly Massey Half MarathonM20-29
7038 Andy Cormack, Toronto1:17:13Springbank Half MarathonM30-39
7139 Tim Moran, Toronto1:16:30.7Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
7218 Mike Strano, Keswick1:17:14Bob Hartwell Runners Challenge Half MarathonM20-29
7340 Mike Cullen, Toronto1:17:18.2Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
741313James Morand, Toronto1:17:24.9Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
7541 Brian Lindsay, Peterborough1:17:35.7Niagara Falls Half MarathonM30-39
761414Michael Woodford, Ottawa1:17:44Prince Edward County Half MarathonM40-49
7742 Andy Cormack, Toronto1:17:52.1Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM30-39
7843 Michael Midmer, Toronto1:17:57.5Niagara Falls Half MarathonM30-39
7944 Rory Gilfillan, Peterborough1:18:08.3Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM30-39
8045 Kevin Beatty, 1:18:13Thousand Islands Parkway Half MarathonM30-39
8119 Ben Perks, London1:18:14.7Run for Retina Research Half MarathonM20-29
821515Jim Burrows, London1:18:15Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
8346 Adrian Lawson, Toronto1:18:13.3Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
8447 Simon Gower, Toronto1:18:17.3Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
8548 Patrick Menzies, Toronto1:18:22.8Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
861616Brian Brand, Mississauga1:18:09.1Toronto Half MarathonM40-49
871717John Meijer, Toronto1:18:23.5Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
8820 Jamie Moracci, Leamington1:18:34.1Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM20-29
8949 Mike Cullen, Toronto1:18:25.6Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
901818Jim Burrows, London1:18:42Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM40-49
911919James Earl, Toronto1:18:43.4Niagara Falls Half MarathonM40-49
9250 Adam Dunn, Burlington1:18:40.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
9321 Joseph Campanelli, Etobicoke1:18:54.3Oakville Half MarathonM20-29
9422 Ian Aseltine, North Bay1:18:53.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
952020Peter Campisi, Toronto1:18:57.1Angus Glen Half MarathonM40-49
9651 Ramon Mira De Orduna, Geneva1:18:59.4Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
972121Paul Huyer, Toronto1:19:02.4Angus Glen Half MarathonM40-49
9823 Merzi Dastoor, Waterloo1:19:07.6Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM20-29
9924 Andrew Finnie, Mississuaga1:18:58.9Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
1002222Tim Wood, Owen Sound1:19:10Springbank Half MarathonM40-49
10152 Patrick Menzios, Toronto1:19:10.1Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
10225 Mat Reid, Hamilton1:19:15.8Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM20-29
1034 Jeffrey Dill, St.Davids1:19:19.2Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM15-19
1032323Frank Vandenbosch, Etobicoke1:19:20.0Angus Glen Half MarathonM40-49
10553 Corky Smith, Mississauga1:19:19.8Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
10626 Jeff Emery, London1:19:24.8Run for Retina Research Half MarathonM20-29
10727 Barry Biner, Thornhill1:19:28.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM20-29
1082424Brian Brand, Mississauga1:19:25.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
10954 Kerry Abols, Sudbury1:19:33Sudbury Sun Run HalfM30-39
11055 Bevin Stevenson, Durham1:19:37Springbank Half MarathonM30-39
11156 Michael Midmer, Toronto1:19:39Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM30-39
11257 Hans Franson, Hamilton1:19:39.9Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
11328 Mat Reid, Waterdown1:19:39.5The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM20-29
1145 Mike Mcintosh, Aurora1:19:41.5Angus Glen Half MarathonM15-19
11558 Ian Sinclair, Toronto1:19:42.1Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
11659 Michael Midmer, Toronto1:19:44.9Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
1172525Peter Campisi, Toronto1:19:48.2Toronto Half MarathonM40-49
11860 Michael Midmer, Toronto1:19:51.3Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
11961 Todd Brown, Kitchener1:19:53.2Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
1202626David Hiddleston, Toronto1:19:54.5Toronto Half MarathonM40-49
1212727Frank Vandenbosch, Etobicoke1:19:59Prince Edward County Half MarathonM40-49
12262 Michael Bown, Hamilton1:20:00.0Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM30-39
1232828Lawrence Warriner, Toronto1:20:03.1Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM40-49
12429 Andrew Cooke, Toronto1:20:09.8Toronto Half MarathonM20-29
12530 Wolfgang Guembel, St. Catharines1:20:12.6Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM20-29
12663 Tim Snoddon, Beaverton1:20:10.8Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
12731 Ian Young, St. Catharines1:20:18.7Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM20-29
12864 Ken Gosleigh, Exeter1:20:20Springbank Half MarathonM30-39
1292929Jim Fullarton, Peterborough1:20:21.1Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM40-49
1303030Brian Brand, Mississauga1:20:27.0Oakville Half MarathonM40-49
1313131John Willan, Mississauga1:20:15.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM40-49
1323232Andrew O`rourke, Dundas1:20:28Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
1323232Colin Wilkinson, Kingston1:20:29.0Limestone City Half MarathonM40-49
1346 Julian Patchett, Pickering1:20:31.5Angus Glen Half MarathonM15-19
13565 Mulugeta Eshete, Mississauga1:20:30.4Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
136134Dick Beardsley, Austin1:20:34.2Toronto Half MarathonM50-59
13732 Adrian Horvath, Toronto1:20:37.0Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM20-29
1383435Daniel Dickey, Oakville1:20:38.8Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM40-49
1393536Jose Fuentes, Hamilton1:20:42.8Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM40-49
14066 Chris Bellerby, Mississauga1:20:48Springbank Half MarathonM30-39
1413637Jeremy Lobo, Mississauga1:20:44.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
14267 Patrick Menzies, Toronto1:20:51.5Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
14368 Andrej Petricko, Mississauga1:20:59.1Oakville Half MarathonM30-39
14469 David Koivuranta, Toronto1:21:01.0Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
14570 Andrej Petricko, Mississauga1:21:05.9Niagara Falls Half MarathonM30-39
1463738Michael Chang, Toronto1:21:05.5Angus Glen Half MarathonM40-49
14771 Pat Menzies, Toronto1:21:07Bob Hartwell Runners Challenge Half MarathonM30-39
1483839Dana Fox, Waterloo1:20:58.6Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
1493940Bob Julian, Oakville1:20:57.6Oakville Half MarathonM40-49
1504041Peter Buehlow, Bright1:21:12.1Niagara Falls Half MarathonM40-49
1514142Peter Von Euw, Oakville1:21:09.7Niagara Falls Half MarathonM40-49
15233 Derek Alldritt, Waterloo1:21:13.5Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
1534243Rod Henning, London1:21:19Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
15472 Richard Mcclelland, London1:21:28Springbank Half MarathonM30-39
15573 Guy Chenier, Timmins1:21:30Sudbury Sun Run HalfM30-39
1564344Stan Trudeau, Toronto1:21:30.8Toronto Half MarathonM40-49
157245John Tranter, Oshawa1:21:31.1Angus Glen Half MarathonM50-59
15834 Nathan Mudge, Sault Ste Marie1:21:30.5Friendly Massey Half MarathonM20-29
15974 Pat Mcneely, Merrickville1:21:33.3Limestone City Half MarathonM30-39
16035 Michael Schwandt, Toronto1:21:28.6Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
16136 Nathan Mudge, Sault Ste Marie1:21:36Sudbury Sun Run HalfM20-29
16275 Daniel Gafijczuk, Mississauga1:21:31.0Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
16376 Kyle Aitken, Mississauga1:21:40Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM30-39
16376 Andrej Petricko, Mississauga1:21:44Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM30-39
16578 Greg Pressley, Toronto1:18:21.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
16637 Andrew Cooke, Toronto1:21:37.7Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
1674446Rod Henning, London1:21:47Springbank Half MarathonM40-49
1684547Jeff Ashizawa, Waterloo1:21:43.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
1694648Mark Sullivan, 1:21:48Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
17079 Dan J Moriarity, Bowmanville1:21:50Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM30-39
17138 Wolfgang Guembel, St.Catharines1:21:52.2The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM20-29
17280 Nathan Chambers, Peterborough1:21:54.9Angus Glen Half MarathonM30-39
1734749Paul Huyer, Toronto1:21:52.1Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
1744850Nick Seston, Rosemont1:21:57Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
17581 Dominic Devin, Oakville1:21:59.5Oakville Half MarathonM30-39
1764951Derek Estabrook, Mississauga1:21:56.4Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM40-49
17739 Kyle Fraser, Sharon1:21:59.8Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM20-29
17882 Jeremy Tucker, Peterborough1:22:04.8Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM30-39
17983 Dino Caputo, Oakville1:22:05Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM30-39
1805052Steven Keating, Mississauga1:22:06.1Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM40-49
1815153Peter Von Euw, Oakville1:22:10.7Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM40-49
18284 Michael Kulakowsky, Meaford1:22:14Prince Edward County Half MarathonM30-39
18340 Chris Carmichael, Drumbo1:22:13Sudbury Sun Run HalfM20-29
18485 Ming-Chang Tsai, Toronto1:22:15.3Toronto Half MarathonM30-39
18541 Jeff Emery, London1:22:15.4Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM20-29
1865254Steve Sampson, Toronto1:22:15.0Toronto Half MarathonM40-49
1875355Gord Aglor, Dundas1:22:18.2The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM40-49
1885456Steve Sampson, Toronto1:22:14.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
1895557Frank Van Den Bosch, Etobicoke1:22:20.5Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonM40-49
19086 Thierry Asselin, Ottawa1:22:20.7Niagara Falls Half MarathonM30-39
19187 Sean Cross, London1:22:23Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM30-39
19242 Joseph Yawney, Ottawa1:22:26.8Friendly Massey Half MarathonM20-29
19388 Marc Duench, Uxbridge1:22:22.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM30-39
1945658Bill Schnurr, Burlington1:22:30Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
1955759David Hiddleston, Goderich1:22:32Forest City Road Races Half MarathonM40-49
1965860Tom Irwin, Etobicoke1:22:37.7Toronto Half MarathonM40-49
19789 Deny Carlesso, Toronto1:22:30.5Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonM30-39
19890 Michael Adamcryck, North Bay1:22:39.4Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM30-39
1995961Robert Hammers, Oakville1:22:39.1Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
20043 Eric Milks, Brockville1:21:43.9Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29