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5K Rankings
Open Male Open Female
Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
8K & 5 Mile Rankings
Open Male Open Female
Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
10K Rankings
Open Male Open Female
Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
Half Marathon Rankings
Open Male Open Female
Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
Marathon Rankings
Open Male Open Female
Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+

2008 Open Female Half Marathon Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

11 Lioudmila Kortchaguina, Thornhill1:15:08.2Niagara Falls Half MarathonF30-39
21 Emily Tallen, Kingston1:17:20.7Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
32 Lioudmila Kortchaguina, THORNHILL1:18:11.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
411Paula Wiltse, Brockville1:18:22.8Niagara Falls Half MarathonF40-49
522Elizabeth Primrose, BROCKVILLE1:21:16.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
62 Meagan Brown, TORONTO1:21:21.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
73 Lisa Brooking, Orillia1:21:35.1ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
83 Jutta Merilainen, BATAWA1:22:08.3Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonF30-39
94 Kate Mcnamara, Dundas1:22:16Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
1033Liz Maguire, Ottawa1:22:19.5Army Run Half MarathonF40-49
114 Lioudmila Kortchaguina, THORNHILL1:22:23.7Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonF30-39
125 Kate Macnamara, DUNDAS1:22:24.5Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonF20-29
135 Leslie Gold, TORONTO1:22:35.6Toronto Half MarathonF30-39
1444Elizabeth Primrose, Brockville1:22:53.7ING Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
156 Sasha Gollish, TORONTO1:23:14.4Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
166 Christina Clark, Guelph1:23:16.8Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
177 Suzanne Garrett, KINGSTON1:23:26.5Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
188 Deborah Buhlers, LONDON1:23:28.1Forest City Road Races Half MarathonF30-39
197 Daniele Riendeau, 1:23:40.6Army Run Half MarathonF20-29
209 Stephanie Summers, WHITBY1:23:43.1Toronto Half MarathonF30-39
218 Jill Stapleton, Ottawa1:23:46.3Army Run Half MarathonF20-29
2210 Fiona Gray-whitby, Toronto1:24:10.8Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
2311 Donna May Robins, 1:24:30Sudbury Sun Run HalfF30-39
2412 Rachael Elliott, NEWBURY1:24:39.8Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
2513 Donna Mae Robins, POWASSAN1:24:40.3Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
269 Aileen Nutt, Kinburn1:24:54Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonF20-29
2755Wendy Gualtieri, Mississauga1:24:55.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF40-49
2814 Tereza Macel, Toronto1:25:32.9Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
2910 Chantal Warriner, Barrie1:25:33Sudbury Sun Run HalfF20-29
3015 Seanna Rishor, TORONTO1:25:47.5Toronto Half MarathonF30-39
3116 Paulina Allan, Aurora1:25:52Bob Hartwell Runners Challenge Half MarathonF30-39
3217 Jenn Winters, Newcastle1:25:54.3Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
3318 Sharon Gallant, Winona1:26:20.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
3466Wendy Gualtieri, MISSISSAUGA1:26:22.3Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
3511 Michaela Mcclure, SCARBOROUGH1:26:25.1Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
3619 Christina Clark, GUELPH1:26:28.5The Run for the Grapes Half Marathon & 5KF30-39
37 Elizabeth Primrose, Brockville1:26:30Thousand Islands Parkway Half MarathonF
3812 Andrea Blain, TORONTO1:26:35.0Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
3920 Marie Elliot, Burlington1:26:35.7Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
4013 Michaela Mcclure, Scarborough1:26:36.0Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF20-29
4114 Kristie Henry, TORONTO1:26:38.6Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
4221 Seanna H Rishor, Toronto1:26:39Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
4315 Michelle Gates, Waterloo1:26:41.6Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
4416 Rebecca Stallwood, Saucony1:26:43.4Army Run Half MarathonF20-29
4578Wendy Gualtieri, MISISSAUGA1:26:53.3The Run for the Grapes Half Marathon & 5KF40-49
4622 Christina Dunsmore, TRENTON1:26:55.3Prince Edward County Half MarathonF30-39
4622 Jennifer Eberman, TORONTO1:26:55.3Toronto Half MarathonF30-39
4824 Seanna Robinson, TORONTO1:26:57.3Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonF30-39
4917 Rebecca Mccarvill, OTTAWA1:26:58.2Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
5018 Angela Kudla, PENDLETON1:27:09.7The Run for the Grapes Half Marathon & 5KF20-29
5125 Lisa Balerna, Ottawa1:27:18.0ING Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
5289Caroline Crabtree, SCARBOROUGH1:27:22.7Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonF40-49
5326 Suzanne Lesnowski, TORONTO1:27:34.9Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
5419 Miranda Tomenson, TORONTO1:27:37.9Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
5520 Tahira Dosani, GUELPH1:27:38.4Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF20-29
56910Leslie Sanderson, Ottawa1:27:39.1ING Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
5727 Seanna Rishor, TORONTO1:27:46.2Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonF30-39
5828 Michelle Clarke, Toronto1:27:48.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
5929 Crystal Drummond, NEWMARKET1:27:53.5Toronto Half MarathonF30-39
6021 Sasha Gollish, TORONTO1:28:00.2Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
6130 Christina Clark, GUELPH1:28:09.0Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonF30-39
6222 Katie Snowden, Toronto1:28:10.5Angus Glen Half MarathonF20-29
6331 Neela Dsouza, Pickering1:28:12.5Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
64111Carolyn Silvey, Toronto1:28:13.5Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF50-59
651012Karen Cowling, LONDON1:28:17.7Run for Retina Research Half MarathonF40-49
6623 Tania Vander Meulen, Ottawa1:28:19.2ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
6724 Kimberley Moore, PICKERING1:28:20.5Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
6832 Katrina Cripps, Richmond Hillf1:28:23Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
6933 Sharon Gallant, Winona1:28:32.9Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
701113Mary Cote, Basalt1:28:36.5ING Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
711214Kelly Rupoli, Guelph1:28:43.6Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF40-49
7234 Angela Miles-Berry, Courtice1:28:46Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
731315Aine O'Flynn, TORONTO1:28:49.7Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
7435 Amanda Miles-Berry, Courtice1:28:52Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
7536 Amanda Miles-Berry, Courtice1:29:05.8Angus Glen Half MarathonF30-39
7637 Angela Miles-Berry, Courtice1:29:06.0Angus Glen Half MarathonF30-39
771416Christy Barber, Toronto1:29:06.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF40-49
7838 Kerry Walker, MISSISSAUGA1:29:09.1Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonF30-39
7838 Cindy Lynch, BARRIE1:29:09.1Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
8025 Jill Stapleton, Ottawa1:29:13.2ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
8140 Gallant Sharon, WINONA1:29:13.3The Run for the Grapes Half Marathon & 5KF30-39
8226 Katie Snowden, TORONTO1:29:13.8Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonF20-29
8327 Lara Graves, LONDON1:29:13.9Forest City Road Races Half MarathonF20-29
8441 Stef Edwards, Waterloo1:29:15.5Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
8528 Anne Beatty, Parry Sound1:29:27.6ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
861517Tammy Hiscock, Kingston1:29:28.0Army Run Half MarathonF40-49
87218Sherry Carson, Ottawa1:29:33.9Army Run Half MarathonF50-59
8829 Liz Stanford, SHANTY BAY1:29:34.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
891619Karen Millson, KINGSTON1:29:36.3Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
9042 Karen Zunti, South Yarmouth1:29:38.9ING Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
9143 Karen Downey, TORONTO1:29:45.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
9244 Aine O'flynn, Toronto1:29:51.1Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
9345 Andrea Cobham, Toronto1:29:51.8Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
9446 Kate Reid, LONDON1:29:58.4Forest City Road Races Half MarathonF30-39
9530 Miranda Tomenson, TORONTO1:29:59.5Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
9647 Vanessa Morris, Toronto1:30:01Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
9731 Kate Beatty, Parry Sound1:30:02.1ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
9848 Martine Quesnel-ponka, Ottawa1:30:02.6ING Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
9932 Shayna Boland, LONDON1:30:09.5Run for Retina Research Half MarathonF20-29
10033 Melanie Kok, ST. CATHARINES1:30:12.4Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
10149 Judika Klose, Uxbridge1:30:15.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
10250 Kerry Walker, Mississauga1:30:22.3Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
10351 Laura Gazzola, Brampton1:30:26.4Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
10452 Janine Moffett, ST. CATHARINES1:30:26.8The Run for the Grapes Half Marathon & 5KF30-39
10553 Angela Miles-Berry, COURTICE1:30:27.5Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
10654 Erin Quipp, St-thomas1:30:35.9Niagara Falls Half MarathonF30-39
1071720Marian Coke, Ottawa1:30:37.5Army Run Half MarathonF40-49
1081821Lynn Bourque, Toronto1:30:41.1Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF40-49
10934 Andrea Blain, Toronto1:30:44.6Army Run Half MarathonF20-29
11035 Jacquie Steele, Toronto1:30:47.5ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
111322Dawn Hamel, RR 4 COLDWATER1:30:47.6Toronto Half MarathonF50-59
11255 Connie Ohrling, Collingwood1:30:52.8Angus Glen Half MarathonF30-39
113423Sherry Carson, Ottawa1:30:57.8ING Ottawa Half MarathonF50-59
11436 Kelly Grossi, Leamington1:31:03.3Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF20-29
11556 Marianne Mollmann, Brooklyn1:31:10.4ING Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
1161924Joanne Bink, WATERLOO1:31:13.1Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
11757 Tracey Livesay, Mississauga1:31:14Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
11858 Kathy Mcleod, Richmond Hill1:31:16.0Angus Glen Half MarathonF30-39
119525Christine Lavallee, PETERBOROUGH1:31:16.4Friendly Massey Half MarathonF50-59
12059 Laura Gazzola, Brampton1:31:21Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
1212026Kelly Rupoli, GUELPH1:31:22.4Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonF40-49
12237 Karen Gilbert, LONDON1:31:31.6Forest City Road Races Half MarathonF20-29
12338 Christine Thomas, SAULT STE. MARI1:31:32.6Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
12439 Rebecca Digiovanni, RICHMOND HILL1:31:33.1Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
12560 Lorri Purnis, ECHO BAY1:31:33.6Toronto Half MarathonF30-39
1262127Robin Holmgren, SINGHAMPTON1:31:34.3The Run for the Grapes Half Marathon & 5KF40-49
12740 Judy Suke, OTTAWA1:31:41.4Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
12841 Heather Heppner, Watertown1:31:41.6Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF20-29
12961 Erin Quipp, ST THOMAS1:31:43.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
13042 Rasa Augaitis, Toronto1:31:45.8ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
13062 Tracey Livesay, Mississauga1:31:45.8Angus Glen Half MarathonF30-39
13243 Marie-soleil Beaudoin, Guelph1:31:47.8Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF20-29
13344 Sarah Knudson, TORONTO1:31:49.5Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
1342228Tammy Hiscock, 1:31:50.1ING Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
1352329Erin Morley, KANATA1:31:50.8Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
13663 Karen Downey, Etobicoke1:31:51.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
13745 Miranda Tomenson, Toronto1:31:53.6Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF20-29
13846 Annie Robitaille, Orleans1:32:02.4Army Run Half MarathonF20-29
13964 Chantal Quesnelle, TORONTO1:32:09.4Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
14047 Leah Kellar, Kingston1:32:09.6Army Run Half MarathonF20-29
1412430Mary K Nash, London1:32:12Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF40-49
14265 Amy Yuen Meei Teh, TORONTO1:32:14.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
14348 Sara Domina, Ottawa1:32:14.5Army Run Half MarathonF20-29
1442531Cecilia O'Neill, Lindsay1:32:20.0Army Run Half MarathonF40-49
14549 Emily Davidson-Niedoba, TORONTO1:32:20.4Toronto Half MarathonF20-29
14666 Cindy Lynch, Barrie1:32:20.6Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
14750 Michaela D Mcclure, Scarborough1:32:21Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
14867 Jacquie Laframboise, Ottawa1:32:23.2Army Run Half MarathonF30-39
14968 Suzanne Steele, OTTAWA1:32:24.7Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
15051 Karen Mcaskill, Burlington1:32:26Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
15152 Shannyn Clancy, London1:32:28Springbank Half MarathonF20-29
15269 Rhonda Mccoubrey, Oakville1:32:38.4Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
1532632Andrea Gregoire, Stittsville1:32:40.6Army Run Half MarathonF40-49
15453 Emily Davidson-Niedoba, TORONTO1:32:40.7Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
155633Cindy New, 1:32:42.2Army Run Half MarathonF50-59
15670 Janet Bannister, TORONTO1:32:43.6Toronto Half MarathonF30-39
15771 Judika Klose, Uxbridge1:32:48.9Niagara Falls Half MarathonF30-39
15854 Carrie Sharpe, Niagara Falls1:32:50.3Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
15955 Shannyn Clancy, LONDON1:32:53.8Forest City Road Races Half MarathonF20-29
1602734Susan Atherley, Kanata1:32:54.0ING Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
1612835Ann Elford, OWEN SOUND1:32:54.7Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
16256 Sharon Papadimitriou, Georgetown1:32:56.8Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
16372 Kaireen Patton, Ottawa1:32:57Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
16473 Marie-Helene Gravel, Orleans1:32:58Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonF30-39
16574 Gillian Shearer, Toronto1:32:58.1Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
1661 Dale Findlay, Toronto1:33:01.4Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF1-19
16757 Angela Simpson, Waterloo1:33:01.7Waterloo Half MarathonF20-29
16858 Liz Stanford, Shanty Bay1:33:03.5ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
16975 Val Gates, Barrie1:33:05.3Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
17076 Amanda Miles-Berry, COURTICE1:33:08.9Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
17159 Gina Goris, Watertown1:33:11.4Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF20-29
17277 Karen Lucas, s.Porcupine1:33:12Sudbury Sun Run HalfF30-39
17360 Jane Cullis, TORONTO1:33:15.9Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
1742936Carol Kelly, Ot1:33:16.3Army Run Half MarathonF40-49
17561 Kerri Cook, Ottawa1:33:17.4ING Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
17678 Mary Mitchell, barrie1:33:18.2Angus Glen Half MarathonF30-39
1773037Andrea Gregoire, Stittsville1:33:18.4ING Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
17862 Tricia Wilhelm, Ottawa1:33:21.5Army Run Half MarathonF20-29
17979 Karen Kaiser, Gagetown1:33:25.7ING Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
18080 Mary Mitchell, Barrie1:33:26.9Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
18181 Val Gates, Barrie1:33:27.3Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
1823138Gail Zuill, TORONTO1:33:29.1Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
18382 Tonja Leach, OTTAWA1:33:31Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonF30-39
18483 Danya Ossip-Richmor, TORONTO1:33:32.0Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
1853239Marianne Bialkowski, PARRY SOUND1:33:32.7Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
18684 Melissa Seguin, Toronto1:33:33.2Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
18785 Aurea Dempsey, TORONTO1:33:35.0Toronto Half MarathonF30-39
1883340Elizabeth Nurse, Cornwall1:33:36Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonF40-49
18986 Ana Dennier, Toronto1:33:42Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
19063 Jennifer V Thomson, Waterdown1:33:47Tim Horton Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
19164 Sharon Papadimitriou, Georgetown1:33:48.5Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF20-29
1923441Carmel Tindale-Fox, MISSISSAUGA1:33:48.8Toronto Half MarathonF40-49
19365 Knowles Peter, Kitchener1:33:49.2Waterloo Half MarathonF20-29
1943542Andrea Moritz, Ottawa1:33:49.6Army Run Half MarathonF40-49
19566 Leanna Lee, Scarborough1:33:54.0Angus Glen Half MarathonF20-29
19687 Heidi Weber, ST. CATHARINES1:33:54.2The Run for the Grapes Half Marathon & 5KF30-39
1973643Gerda Zonruiter, LONDON1:33:56.9Tim Hortons Grimsby Half MarathonF40-49
19888 Indra Winters, Aurora1:33:57.1Mississauga Rbk Half MarathonF30-39
19989 Patricia Fulton, TORONTO1:33:59.3Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
19989 Kristina Reashore, Orleans1:33:59.3Army Run Half MarathonF30-39