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5K Rankings
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Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
8K & 5 Mile Rankings
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M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
10K Rankings
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M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
Half Marathon Rankings
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M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
Marathon Rankings
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Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+

2016 Female 70 and Over 5K Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

13511336Doris Maclachlan, 24:15.1Bread and Honey 5KF70+
18892505Nancy Wells, 25:11.2Around the Bay 5KF70+
392531219Claire Prest, Toronto27:39.6Chilly Frosty 5KF70+
606241973Lynda Lemon, Welland29:28The Run for the Grapes 5kF70+
633852071Ann Bird, grimsby29:39Moon In June 5KF70+
669462203Diane Eller, FONTHILL29:53The Run for the Grapes 5kF70+
722972431Diane Eller, Fonthill30:14Crystal Beach 5k RaceF70+
735482475Rona Ashton, Ridgeway30:18.9Canada Day 5KF70+
738492489Diane Eller, FONTHILL30:20Beamsville Bench 5kF70+
7448102516Lynda Lemon, Welland30:22Jordan 5kF70+
7448102516Diane Eller, FONTHILL30:22Jordan 5kF70+
7606122572Diane Eller, FONTHILL30:29Tim Hortons Peach Bud 5KF70+
7606122572Carol Magee, 30:29.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
7706142607Lynda Lemon, welland30:33Beamsville Bench 5kF70+
8622152960Anne Edwards, 31:10.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
8770163018Maureen Teixeira, 31:16.2Bread and Honey 5KF70+
9271173207Joan Bojars, London31:36Summer Night 5KF70+
9303183218Maureen Teixeira, Mississauga31:37.2Mississauga Marathon - 5K RunF70+
9364193245Thea Vanderplaats, Newmarket31:39.5Mount Albert Sports Day 5km Run/WalkF70+
10675203770Joan Bojars, London32:29Downtown 5K RunF70+
12200214345Christine Baron, Mississauga33:33Chilly Frosty 5KF70+
12580224502Sharon Merrick, Toronto33:46.2B&O Yorkville 5K RunF70+
12713234553Lynda Lemon, Welland33:53Confederation Park 5kF70+
13431244843Patricia Voight, 34:22.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
13589254912Margaret Rolfe, Mississauga34:27.8Canada Day 5KF70+
14048265105Christine Baron, Mississauga34:48Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
14172275163Helen Mcgurrin, 34:52.7Canada Army Run 5KF70+
14178285165Veronica Coleman, PLYMPTON WYOMING34:53Huron House Boys Home 5KF70+
14217295181Margaret Rolfe, Mississauga34:54.6Chilly Frosty 5KF70+
14410305251Jane Hames, SARNIA35:03Huron House Boys Home 5KF70+
15942315921Nancy Moritsugu, 36:11.9Canada Army Run 5KF70+
16075325979Rosemary Irvine, 36:19.1Canada Army Run 5KF70+
16303336070Josie Popovic, Richmond Hill36:30Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
16607346194Judy Walsh, 00:36:46.2Merrickville Heritage Classic 5kF70+
16675356227Lillian Michaelson, London36:50Summer Night 5KF70+
16906366319Jane Macdonald, Carrying Place37:03.4HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
17234376453Lillian Michaelson, London37:20Downtown 5K RunF70+
17250386462Callista Markotich, Inverary37:20.6HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
17424396537Barbara Hartley, 37:29.8Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5K Run/WalkF70+
18395406971Libby Moore, Oshawa38:22Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
18678417092Jacqueline Long, Carleton Place38:38Tim Hortons Peach Bud 5KF70+
18762427132Goederon De Caluwe, London38:44Summer Night 5KF70+
18986437239Goederoen De Caluwe, London38:57Hardick Springbank 5KF70+
19212447345Margaret Rolfe, Mississauga39:09Longboat Toronto Island 5KF70+
19747457577Goederoen De Caluwe, London39:41London Halloween Haunting 5KF70+
19798467597Constance Haffey, 39:44.5Canada Army Run 5KF70+
20212477766Kathleen Fogarasi, 40:12.7Around the Bay 5KF70+
21147488176Goederoen De Caluwe, LONDON41:19.1Reach the Beach 5KF70+
21261498226Judy Walsh, 41:26.4Canada Army Run 5KF70+
21677508415Susan Palmai, 41:56.6Canada Army Run 5KF70+
21714518433Frances Rousse, 42:00.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
21938528541June Wells, 42:19.6Canada Army Run 5KF70+
21972538559Carol Shantz, 42:22.9Around the Bay 5KF70+
21978548561Juliette Anderton, 42:23.3Around the Bay 5KF70+
22032558585Kay Poirier, 42:27.2Mercedes-Benz Oakville 5KF70+
22054568594Marsha Black, Ottawa42:28.9HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
22159578641Wilma Johnson, Niagara falls42:37Tim Hortons Peach Bud 5KF70+
22172588648Brenda Vopni, Toronto42:38Longboat Toronto Island 5KF70+
22233598685Therese Cloutier, Toronto42:43B&O Yorkville 5K RunF70+
22323608726Simonne Poulin, St-Georges42:50.9HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
22324618727Claudia Hungerson, Maple42:51Longboat Toronto Island 5KF70+
22376628753Barbara Down, 42:54.6Around the Bay 5KF70+
22818638965Jill Nyman, Richmond Hill43:34.6B&O Yorkville 5K RunF70+
22820648966Sandra Newton, Exeter43:35Summer Night 5KF70+
22974659029Catherine Dabee, 43:49.5Canada Army Run 5KF70+
23058669068Janet Stewart, 43:56.7Canada Army Run 5KF70+
23089679081Claire Collis, 43:59.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
23236689152Margaret O'Neil, 44:13.6Canada Army Run 5KF70+
23337699203Claire Collis, Stittsville0:44:22Richmond Road Races 5KF70+
23533709290Rita Herkes, 44:42.4Canada Day Road Races 5KF70+
23643719344Roseanne Wilson, 44:54.4Canada Day Road Races 5KF70+
23659729354Barb Lyons, Orangeville44:55.7Canada Day 5KF70+
23669739359Claire Collis, 44:56.4Canada Day Road Races 5KF70+
23829749437Beverly Berry, 45:14.4Canada Army Run 5KF70+
23871759462Sandra Newton, Exeter45:19London Halloween Haunting 5KF70+
24008769522Edel Boness, Toronto45:34.2Mississauga Marathon - 5K RunF70+
24084779554Mariam Brisland, Toronto45:42Race Roster Spring Run-Off 5KF70+
24094789558Doris Croswell, 45:42.9Canada Army Run 5KF70+
24159799592Sandra Newton, Exeter45:52Pinery Fall Classic 5KF70+
24193809604Marilyn Fraser, 45:56.7Around the Bay 5KF70+
24240819626Patricia Ross, 46:03.1Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5K Run/WalkF70+
24241829627Christine De Boer, 46:03.2Canada Army Run 5KF70+
24279839648Madelyn Morgan, 46:07.9Rattle Me Bones 5KF70+
24540849767Mary Ella Magill, Toronto46:40Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
24627859812Joan Colbert, Hamilton46:50.4Canada Day 5KF70+
24769869884Judy Ribot, 00:47:11.9Merrickville Heritage Classic 5kF70+
250638710012Mary Ellen Davey, Mississauga47:52.3Mississauga Marathon - 5K RunF70+
251978810079Lynda Crossman, Grand Bend48:15Pinery Fall Classic 5KF70+
252208910092Rosemarie Switzer, Batavia48:18Crystal Beach 5k RaceF70+
252319010099Nancy Pleich, Oakville48:18.9Mississauga Marathon - 5K RunF70+
253239110148Joan Malcolmsen, Toronto48:31Longboat Toronto Island 5KF70+
253879210181Patricia Ross, Toronto48:40B&O Yorkville 5K RunF70+
254749310224Barbara Jean Wood, Toronto48:53Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
255159410244Cheryl Kenney, 49:00.9Canada Army Run 5KF70+
255699510272Mary Lamb, Lucan49:08Forest City Road Races 5KF70+
256139610295Christine Mcclymont, Toronto49:13Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
256549710315Joyce Butler, 49:19.3Around the Bay 5KF70+
260009810494Diane Anger, Toronto50:13Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
260109910503Pam Mcbride, Mississauga50:14.5Mississauga Marathon - 5K RunF70+
2603510010517Catherine Watson, 50:18.8Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2622010110608Sandy Margison, Toronto50:46Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2622610210611Carmen St-Pierre Spooner, 50:48.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2624610310622Claudia Buckley, 50:51.4Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2628310410639Jocelyn Palm, Toronto50:57Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2633610510667Helene Sauriol, 51:05.6Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2634410610672Jane Macdonald, 51:07.3Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2650410710765Susan White, 51:31.6Around the Bay 5KF70+
2650910810768Shirley Ramsey, Toronto51:32.4HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2651110910769Mary Hynes, Toronto51:33Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2656111010796Charlotte Owen, Newmarket51:42.3Mount Albert Sports Day 5km Run/WalkF70+
2657811110803Francoise Lafontaine, 51:45.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2662511210832Branka Chapman, Toronto51:52Longboat Toronto Island 5KF70+
2669611310869Donna Pesci, MILFORD52:02.4St. Clair River Run 5KF70+
2672611410885Rhene Hanson, Toronto52:08Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2673211510889Seta Bakhamian, Scarborough52:09Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2680011610923Nancy Harle, 52:17.4Canada Day Road Races 5KF70+
2687711710957Sandy Margison, Toronto52:29Race Roster Spring Run-Off 5KF70+
2688011810959Elise Truchon, Embrun52:29.1HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2691511910974Patricia Looper, 52:35.6Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2691712010975Jackie Holzman, Ottawa52:36.0HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2696412111005Desiree D'Ornellas, Pickering52:44Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2701712211036Betty Nelson-French, Toronto52:53Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2702712311038Mennetta Griffin, 52:53.3Around the Bay 5KF70+
2702912411039Linda Nash, 00:52:53.6Merrickville Heritage Classic 5kF70+
2705712511050Ilma Green, Waterloo52:58Waterloo Classic 5KF70+
2712312611085Wendy Dworak, Zephyr53:11.6Mount Albert Sports Day 5km Run/WalkF70+
2713312711091Rhene Hanson, Toronto53:14Race Roster Spring Run-Off 5KF70+
2714312811098Rebecca Fell, Oakville53:16Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2729112911176Harriet Mouer, Scarborough53:40Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2734313011201Marie Scott, SOMBRA53:48.6St. Clair River Run 5KF70+
2743913111254Ann Bourke, 54:09.6Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2747813211271Kaye Campbell, Whitby54:15.7Chilly Frosty 5KF70+
2751513311291Huguette Chaignon, Domjean54:20.1HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2767213411377Sandra Newton, Exeter54:50Forest City Road Races 5KF70+
2785013511469Ella Brubacher, 55:19.5Around the Bay 5KF70+
2798813611543Anne Biscope, 55:51.6Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2810313711605Lynn Grant, Chateauguay56:14.4HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2820213811645Micheline Joanisse, 56:37.7Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2833813911717Bernardine Thompson, Hamilton57:11Jordan 5kF70+
2835014011723Germaine Nantel, Ste-Rose Laval57:16.5HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2848714111797Ruth Hubbard, 57:49.6Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2851014211813Adrienne Pereira, Toronto57:55Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2854914311832Ginny Fraser, Toronto58:04Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2859614411859Mary Diane Kneller, 58:16.7Around the Bay 5KF70+
2859914511861Nancy Harle, 58:17.3Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2861614611871Bernardine Thompson, Hamilton58:22.5Chilly Frosty 5KF70+
2865114711886Iva Myrie, Mississauga58:32Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2866114811891Bernardine Thompson, Hamilton58:35Tim Hortons Peach Bud 5KF70+
2866114811891Maria Pereira, Toronto58:35Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2868615011908Nancy Harle, Kanata58:39.0HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2869915111914Ann Smits, 58:40.9Canada Army Run 5K Athletes with a DisabilityF70+
2872015211930Bernardine Thompson, Hamilton58:47.0Canada Day 5KF70+
2874415311947Bernardine Thompson, Hamilton58:54The Run for the Grapes 5kF70+
2879415411974Charlotte Dinning, 59:10.8Around the Bay 5KF70+
2880515511982Florence Clarke, St. Catharines59:13.2Oasis 5K Zoo RunF70+
2881215611987Charlotte Dinning, 59:15.9Canada Day 5KF70+
2881515711990Elizabeth Haering, SOMBRA59:17.0St. Clair River Run 5KF70+
2881715811991Patricia Brown, 59:18.8Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2885015912010Ruby Benoy, Mississauga59:27.5Mississauga Marathon - 5K RunF70+
2888416012027Bernardine Thompson, 59:33.6Around the Bay 5KF70+
2891716112044Joanne Hubbard, 59:44.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2896116212080Joan Meyer, Ottawa1:00:00.2HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2899416312100Jean Meneely, Caledon1:00:10.3Oasis 5K Zoo RunF70+
2899816412103Nicole Nash, 1:00:11.4Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2900216512107Marg Hull, 1:00:12.2Around the Bay 5KF70+
2901716612115Jean Mckeigan, 1:00:17.1Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2902316712120Linda Mace, 1:00:19.5Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2904516812130Laetitia Leclerc, 1:00:27.7Canada Day Road Races 5KF70+
2905616912135Nalini Parikh, Brampton1:00:30Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2907117012143Ann Frederking, Ottawa1:00:34.6HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2907717112147Elizabeth Ticknor, 1:00:36.5Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2917517212197Monique Robinson, 1:01:06.0Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2923317312234Susan Sommers, Toronto1:01:24.2Oasis 5K Zoo RunF70+
2923917412237Bernardine Thompson, Hamilton1:01:26Confederation Park 5kF70+
2925817512244Bobbi And Marty Slater, Toronto1:01:30Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2932417612280Lynda Clayton, Markham1:01:44Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2933917712287Cathy Patton, Ottawa1:01:48.4HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2934517812290Sally Jo Martin, Toronto1:01:51Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2936217912300Heather Wolff, 1:01:55.2Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2939518012319Betty Stein, Toronto1:02:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2939518012319Rosalind Kindler, Toronto1:02:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2945418212354Olga Fershaloff, Toronto1:02:28Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2946618312361Betty Vaughn, Richmond1:02:33.5HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+
2947818412367Ann Lang, 1:02:36.4Around the Bay 5KF70+
2948318512372Anne Flanagan, 1:02:37.3Around the Bay 5KF70+
2948318512372Anne Marie Boardman, 1:02:37.3Around the Bay 5KF70+
2950018712382Gisele Davis, Trenton1:02:44.6Oasis 5K Zoo RunF70+
2950818812386Marylou Handysides, Blenheim ONTARIO1:02:46.9Trot to the Beach 5KF70+
2953418912400Vera Wang, Scar1:02:54.2Mississauga Marathon - 5K RunF70+
2955319012409Susan Rae, Toronto1:03:01Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2955519112411Bernardine Thompson, 1:03:02.1Mercedes-Benz Oakville 5KF70+
2956419212417Patricia Sutherland, 1:03:07.1Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2957419312422Beatrice Chan, Toronto1:03:11Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2964119412459Wilma Scherloski, Toronto1:03:28Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5KF70+
2964319512460Bernardine Thompson, Hamilton1:03:29Moon In June 5KF70+
2968119612478Grace Lineman, 1:03:49.3Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2969419712482Lois Anderson, 1:03:57.1Around the Bay 5KF70+
2970319812486Marion Mumby, 1:04:02.0Around the Bay 5KF70+
2971719912494Celine Champagne, 1:04:08.2Canada Army Run 5KF70+
2972220012497Rolande Socquet, Cantley1:04:12.8HTG Sports Ottawa 5KF70+