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2016 Male 20 - 29 Half Marathon Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

11 Blair Morgan, Hamilton1:05:55Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
32 Kindi Asefa, Toronto1:08:35Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
43 Josh Bolton, Paris1:08:50Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
54 Tsegaye Dissasa, Toronto1:08:55Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
85 Abreham Wagaye, toronto1:09:12Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
96 Ebisa Ejigu, toronto1:09:13Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
107 Kindi Asefa, toronto1:09:15Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
118 Nick Best, Ottawa1:09:16.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
149 Paul Rochus, Aylmer1:09:41.5Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
1510 Matt Suda, London1:09:43.1Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
1611 Seth Marcaccio, London1:09:44.8Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
1812 Eric Leishman, Sudbury1:10:09.1Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
1913 Robert Brouillette, Cambridge1:10:19.5Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
2214 Seth Marcaccie, London1:10:41Forest City Road Races Half-MarathonM20-29
2315 Kevin Azocar, Mississauga1:10:43.9Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
2716 Matt Vierula, Ottawa1:11:35.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
2817 Francis Labrecque, Orford1:11:38Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
2918 Eric Bang, Oakville1:11:42.0Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
3219 Robert Brouillette, Cambridge1:11:54.6Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
3320 Jordan Bierema, Hamilton1:11:55.3Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
3421 Bonsa Gonfa, toronto1:12:00Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
3522 Robert Brouillette, Cambridge1:12:15Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
3623 Thomas Des Brisay, 1:12:24.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
3724 Jamie Tarling, Caldeon1:12:31Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
3825 Eric Bang, Toronto1:12:31.6Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
4226 Tyler Chacra, Oakville1:12:38.6Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
4627 Abraha Mulu Amare, Toronto1:13:10.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
4728 Tim Huebsch, Toronto1:13:19.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
4829 Bonsa Atomsa, Toronto1:13:23Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
5030 Chris Balestrini, London1:13:47Forest City Road Races Half-MarathonM20-29
5131 Frank Sorbara, Thornhill1:13:50Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
5232 Alexei Strokach, Toronto1:14:23.1Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
5333 Jeff Archer, Kingston1:14:29.8Limestone City Half MarathonM20-29
5734 Justin Spalvieri, Waterloo1:14:50Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
5935 James Murphy, 1:14:54.9Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
6036 Dominic Perreault, Saint-Leonard-D'aston1:14:59.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
6137 Cole Czuchnicki, Hamilton1:15:04.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
6238 Abrah Amare, Toronto1:15:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
6539 William Walsh, Toronto1:15:19.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
6940 Nicholas Schwass, Terra Cotta1:15:40.4Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
7241 Adam Richardson, Ottawa1:15:42.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
7642 Dan Way, Toronto1:16:10.2Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
8343 Jordan Monnink, Ottawa1:16:45.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
8644 Aaqib Syed, 1:16:53.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
8845 Alexander Looi, Baldwinsville1:16:58.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
9146 Ryan Tice, Hamilton1:17:23Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
9247 Tom Glassco, Ottawa1:17:23.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
9348 Adrian Schermers, Lacombe1:17:23.8Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
9549 Christopher Caddey, Dorchester1:17:27.9Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
9750 Dan Way, 1:17:30.0Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
10051 Mitchell Belford, Wasaga Beach1:17:45.8Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
10152 Aaron Manning, Toronto1:17:46Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
10353 Stephen Antolin, Toronto1:17:56Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
10754 Paul Cochrane, London1:18:10Hardick Springbank Half MarathonM20-29
10855 James Watson, Toronto1:18:10.3Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
10956 Tyler Hamilton, Toronto1:18:11Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
11457 Liyang Wang, Ajax1:18:25Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
11558 Dan Way, Toronto1:18:30.6Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
11659 Cameron Macdonald, Toronto1:18:31Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
11760 Ben Gustafson, Toronto1:18:37Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
11861 Cameron Macdonald, Toronto1:18:38.9Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
12262 Aaron Barter, Toronto1:18:52Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
12363 Sam Shi, Toronto1:19:00.2Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
12564 Samuel Fradette, Chambly1:19:04.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
13265 Chris Boyle, 1:19:14.3Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
13366 Ben Gustafson, Toronto1:19:16.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
13467 Nick Burt, Kitchener1:19:17.7Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
13768 Matt Straatman, Toronto1:19:30Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
13869 Matthew Liaw, Crownpoint1:19:32Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
14270 Vincent Leslie Lam, Toronto1:19:41Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
14371 Cason King, London1:19:44Hardick Springbank Half MarathonM20-29
14572 Curtis Anderson, Toronto1:19:44.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
14773 Stephen Walter, Toronto1:19:59Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
14874 John Bauer, Oshawa1:19:59.7Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
15175 Cameron Mitchell, Markham1:20:06.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
15376 Atsushi Matoyama, 1:20:15.1Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
15677 Lucas White, 1:20:22.1Oakville Half MarathonM20-29
16578 Johnathan Macdonald, Ottawa1:20:39.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
17379 Matt Straatman, Toronto1:20:48.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
17379 Alan Mcluskie, Toronto1:20:48.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
17781 Aaron Manning, Burlington1:20:56Niagara Ultra Half MarathonM20-29
17982 Alex Yu, Markham1:21:08Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
18083 Trevor Reid, Kingston1:21:09.0Limestone City Half MarathonM20-29
19184 Robert Winslow, Guelph1:21:26Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
19385 Lucas White-Halliwell, Toronto1:21:27.8Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
19986 Patrick Birch, Toronto1:21:36Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
20387 Jake Schmitz, 1:21:42.1Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
20488 Sean Henderson, Burlington1:21:44.2Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
20889 Mike Thornton, Brantford1:21:50.3Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
21290 Mike Thornton, Brantford1:21:57Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
21391 Cameron Macdonald, 1:21:57.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
21492 Nicholas Glennon, Ottawa1:21:58.5Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonM20-29
21993 Liam Quartermain, Toronto1:22:07.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
22494 Andrew Convery, 1:22:12.5Oakville Half MarathonM20-29
22595 Tyler Good, York1:22:14Waterloo Half MarathonM20-29
22696 Nicholas Ravanelli, Ottawa1:22:14.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
23197 Hubert Saindon, 1:22:33.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
23498 Mathieu Lepine, Toronto1:22:35.6Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
23799 Andrew Scotland, Grimsby1:22:39The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM20-29
240100 Sam Hirons, Toronto1:22:40.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
243101 Sam Hirons, Toronto1:22:42Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
244102 Brandon Throop, Toronto1:22:42.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
246103 Matthew Tebogt, Newmarket1:22:45Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
249104 Lucas Salazer-Reid, London1:22:50Tim Hortons Grimsby HalfM20-29
256105 Greg Westover, 1:23:01.7Oakville Half MarathonM20-29
257106 Sam Belcher, Deerfield1:23:02.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
258107 Travis Chewning-Kulick, 1:23:03.4Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
259108 Peter Haller, Toronto1:23:05Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
260109 Robert Talaricio, Kingston1:23:05.7Limestone City Half MarathonM20-29
265110 Johnathan Macdonald, Ottawa1:23:15.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
266111 Graham Rossall, Toronto1:23:17Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
269112 Francois-Charles Rene, Saint-Leonard D'aston1:23:18.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
276113 James Malone, Toronto1:23:26.4Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
282114 Trevor Clark, Hamilton1:23:39Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
284115 Pierre-Luc Belanger-Melancon, 1:23:39.7Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
290116 Brandon Pryce, Kingston1:23:45.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
291117 Imran Ghaznawi, toronto1:23:47Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
293118 Hubert Saindon, Orleans1:23:48.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
305119 Mark Cullen, Unionville1:23:59Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
310120 Gavin Gilmour, Ottawa1:24:05.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
312121 Imran Ghaznawi, Toronto1:24:09Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
314122 David Squire, 1:24:09.4Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
317123 Marek Bialkowski, Parry Sound1:24:12.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
322124 Dmitri Bakker, Ottawa1:24:17.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
323125 Stephen Lambert, 1:24:17.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
328126 Jason Black, 1:24:22.5Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
329127 Braden Kenny, Thorold1:24:24Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
332128 Michael Del Giudice, Ottawa1:24:28.0Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
341129 Lucas White, Toronto1:24:34Tim Hortons Grimsby HalfM20-29
351130 Ryan Ridler, Caledon1:24:50Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
360131 Chris Shaw, Guelph1:24:55.5Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
361132 Kyle Morrison, Oakville1:24:56Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
373133 Kyle Piccolo, Ayr1:25:09.4Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
378134 Anton Salnikov, Beer Sheva1:25:15Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
381135 Jeff Willows, TORONTO1:25:17Run Collingwood Half MarathonM20-29
383136 Dustin Dioguardi, Kingston1:25:19.0Limestone City Half MarathonM20-29
385137 Andre-Luc Ouellet, Trois-Pistoles1:25:20.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
390138 Devon Liversidge, Toronto1:25:26Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
391139 James Watson, Toronto1:25:26.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
393140 Greg Westover, Oakville1:25:28.9Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
395141 Andrew Flanagan, Port Lambton1:25:30.2Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
399142 Michael Kameoka, 1:25:43.6Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
401143 Patrick Carrique, Kitchener1:25:45Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
405144 Nicholas Prudhomme, Ottawa1:25:49.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
407145 Nate Tsang, Toronto1:25:50.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
409146 Patrick Hailstone, 1:25:51.9Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
414147 John Vibert, Cambridge1:26:00Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
415148 Jan Louis Henning, 1:26:00.1Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
421149 Justin Ricardo, Toronto1:26:02.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
424150 Peter Macdonald, Toronto1:26:07Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
429151 Tim De Clercq, 1:26:10.9Oakville Half MarathonM20-29
435152 Dale Decker, Bowmanville1:26:15.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
436153 Will Hicks, Cambridge1:26:16Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
439154 Anthony Castonguay, Toronto1:26:17.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
440155 Stuart Thibert, Kingston1:26:18.0Limestone City Half MarathonM20-29
441156 Paul Arnold, London1:26:18.6Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
444157 Alex Paiement, 1:26:20.9Oakville Half MarathonM20-29
448158 Edgar Malchic, Scarborough1:26:23Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
452159 Michael Marshall, Hamilton1:26:25Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
455160 David Gostick, 1:26:28.5Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM20-29
467161 Luis Curry, 1:26:42.4Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM20-29
493162 Andy Nicholl, Toronto1:26:59Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
503163 Sean Corrigan, Pickering1:27:06.8Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
507164 Ryan Albano, Brampton1:27:09.5Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
513165 Alex Paiement, Toronto1:27:14.8Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
514166 Jacob Banks, Kemptville1:27:17Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
526167 Hassan Ishaq, Hamilton1:27:24.9Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
527168 Daniel Nowak, Mississauga1:27:25.9Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
528169 Alan Mcluskie, Toronto1:27:26.7Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
529170 Kyle Arsenault-Mehta, Ottawa1:27:28Niagara Ultra Half MarathonM20-29
529170 Aaron Fahey, Chelsea1:27:28Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
534172 Conor Hoekstra, Toronto1:27:32.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
535173 Richard Hayes, 1:27:33.5Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
537174 Anthony Smith, Toronto1:27:34.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
543175 Ryan Albano, Brampton1:27:40Niagara Falls Half MarathonM20-29
548176 Jeffery Macleod, Stratford1:27:46Niagara Ultra Half MarathonM20-29
551177 Jeff Carette, Kitchener1:27:46.7Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
557178 Scott Clark, 1:27:51.4Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM20-29
558179 Aaron Manning, Burlington1:27:52.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
569180 Keith Walsh, Ottawa1:28:03.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
576181 Michael Del Giudice, 1:28:07.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
577182 Jason Yarmolinsky, Toronto1:28:09Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM20-29
590183 Andrew Guytingco, Toronto1:28:20.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
591184 Philippe Labonte, Cornwall1:28:20.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
593185 Brendan Neely, Terra Nova1:28:21Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
595186 Casey Roblin, 1:28:21.5Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM20-29
596187 Marshall Heron, Ajax1:28:21.7Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
597188 Steven Wingrove, 1:28:22.0Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM20-29
599189 Adam Massia, Ottawa1:28:23.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
603190 Felix Evans, Toronto1:28:27.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
604191 Marc-Olivier Allard, Becancour1:28:27.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
605192 Michael Haier, Toronto1:28:28.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM20-29
615193 Kyle Dekker, Kitchener1:28:36Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29
620194 Mark Dinsmore, Wateroo1:28:39.6Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM20-29
625195 Samuel Gelinas, St-Paulin1:28:42.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
629196 Joshua Matthewman, 1:28:44.1Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM20-29
630197 Charles Levesque, Candiac1:28:44.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
633198 Jean-Philipp Pellerin, Ottawa1:28:45.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM20-29
634199 Igor Music, Toronto1:28:46.3Chilly Half MarathonM20-29
638200 Ricardo Dionisio, 1:28:48Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM20-29