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5K Rankings
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M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
8K & 5 Mile Rankings
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10K Rankings
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Half Marathon Rankings
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M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+

2016 Male 20 - 29 Marathon Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

21 Elkana Yego, St.Clements2:18:21.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
32 Nicholas Rotich, 2:20:15Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
73 John Parrott, Guelph2:26:09.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
84 Jeff Costen, Toronto2:27:33Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
105 Eric Bang, Toronto2:28:30Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
146 Eric Leishman, 2:32:44CIS Sudbury Rocks!!! MarathonM20-29
167 Tyler Chacra, Oakville2:33:47.8Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
188 Joel Martinez, San German2:34:17.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
199 Patrick Mackinnon, Mount Hope2:34:32Niagara Falls International MarathonM20-29
2210 Lucas Mcaneney, Etobicoke2:36:53.1Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
2511 Robert Brouillette, Cambridge2:39:16Waterloo MarathonM20-29
2612 Chass Armstrong, Asheville2:39:32.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
3713 Steve Bayton, Sheffield2:42:37Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
4114 Greg Cartmell, Waterloo2:43:55.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
4415 William Walsh, Toronto2:45:18Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
4916 Jesse Chen, Kincardine2:46:41Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
6217 Devon Liversidge, Toronto2:50:44.5Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
6318 Brennan Eastmure, Toronto2:50:49Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
6619 Cameron Macdonald, Toronto2:51:17Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
6920 Travis Fehr, Staples2:51:55.1Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
7121 Noah Mccoll, Saltspring Island2:52:16.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
7322 Marc-Antoine Maynard, Granby2:52:25.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
7923 Nicolas Peleato, Toronto2:52:59.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
8124 Cason King, London2:53:15Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
8225 Jack Bunge, Ottawa Lake2:53:26.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
8626 Jonathan Redfearn, Waterloo2:53:43.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
8927 Michael Bergeron, Ottawa2:54:03.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
9228 Tyler Natywary, Stratford2:54:20.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
9829 Andrew Scottland, Grimsby2:54:50Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
10030 Mike Macinnes, Barrie2:54:54.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
10231 Steeven Sirois, Boischatel2:55:00.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
10632 Kevin Ellis, Highlands Ranch2:55:18Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
11233 Jeff Taylor, Orillia2:56:06Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
11634 Mike Thornton, Brantford2:56:32.0Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
11735 Johnathan Macdonald, Ottawa2:56:38Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
11836 David Squire, Ottawa2:56:48.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
12237 Tyler Hamilton, Toronto2:57:09.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
12538 Lucas White, Toronto2:57:29.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
12939 Michael Persson, Denville2:57:38.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
14140 Mauricio Diaz Arellano Curts, Ciudad De Mexico2:58:14Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
14541 Conor Mcbride, Toronto2:58:41Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
14842 Alex Yu, Markham2:58:48.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
14943 Vincent Fluet, La Sarre2:58:56Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
16344 Hubert Saindon, Orleans2:59:38Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
16845 Jean-Christophe Huot, toronto2:59:51Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
16946 Gabriel Wolofsky, Toronto2:59:52Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
17647 John Bauer, Oshawa3:00:07Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
19748 Richard Hayes, Ottawa3:01:24.8Ottawa Fall Colours MarathonM20-29
19949 John Bauer, 3:01:26.6Prince Edward County MarathonM20-29
20050 Jeffrey Taylor, Orillia3:01:27.7Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
20151 Jeff Willows, Toronto3:01:33Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
21152 Mohammad Saad, Cary3:02:15.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
21653 Matthew Murray, Toronto3:02:34Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
22754 Murray Wilson, Hamilton3:03:10Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
22955 Jonathan Life, Toronto3:03:13.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
23456 Chris Bruce, Ottawa3:03:26.7Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
23657 Justin Brown, Kitchener3:03:31.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
24458 Benjamin Mercier, Toronto3:04:23.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
24559 Jean-Christophe Huot, Toronto3:04:25Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
24660 Joseph Lipton, Toronto3:04:26.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
25461 Paul Arnold, London3:04:35.7Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
26862 John Vibert, Kitchener3:05:21Waterloo MarathonM20-29
27463 James Malone, Toronto3:05:36.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
27564 Lucas White, Toronto3:05:37Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
28165 James Fleming, Baldwinsville3:05:43Niagara Falls International MarathonM20-29
28366 Thibault Grattepain, Bougnon3:05:44Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
28667 Jeff Willows, Toronto3:05:49.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
29468 Chris Shaw, Guelph3:06:18.8Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
29669 Peter Macdonald, Toronto3:06:27Waterloo MarathonM20-29
30370 Frederik Dufour, Arvida3:06:50.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
30471 Scott Galt, Orleans3:06:52.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
30672 Pablo Calderon, Toronto3:07:01Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
32773 Simon Williams, Kirkland3:07:58.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
32974 Cedric Langlois, L'Ange-Gardien3:08:02.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
34675 Benjamin Wylie, Toronto3:08:42.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
34776 Julian Pacer Bunny, Toronto3:08:43.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
35377 Kieran Jones, Ottawa3:09:09.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
35578 Alan Moffat, Milton3:09:12Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
36079 David Ozimec, Oakville3:09:20Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
36380 Morgan Paulgaard, Ottawa3:09:26.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
36781 Sam Shi, Toronto3:09:31Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
36781 Mathieu Fagis, Siros3:09:31Niagara Falls International MarathonM20-29
37283 James Chuang, Brighton3:09:37.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
37484 Mike Macinnes, Barrie3:09:41Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
37885 Matthew Robb, Toronto3:09:58.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
38686 Xiao Liang, Toronto3:10:21.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
39487 Zach Suchanek, Oakville3:10:35Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
40288 Atsushi Matoyama, Toronto3:10:55.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
40389 Curtis Anderson, Toronto3:10:58Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
43390 Taylor Pieprzak, Barrie3:11:59Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
43891 David Wulff, Kitchener3:12:17Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
44292 Etienne Archambault, Candiac3:12:20.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
44393 Kevin Pogacar, Toronto3:12:21Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
45694 Bryan Fenske, Hamilton3:13:03Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
46395 Daniel Burke, Port Colborne3:13:29Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
46896 Steven Wingrove, Sutton West3:13:42Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
48297 Peter Norton, Toronto3:13:59.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
49198 Vincent Boulanger, Eastman3:14:08.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
49899 Derek Bennewies, Cambridge3:14:20.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
499100 Benjamin Butty, Oakville3:14:21Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
517101 Mark Manners, Ottawa3:14:48.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
533102 Ciaran Foley, Toronto3:15:32Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
534103 James Watkins, Toronto3:15:33Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
556104 Tianshu Lu, Toronto3:16:13Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
561105 George Gleeson, Toronto3:16:19.4Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
571106 Kevin Pogacar, Toronto3:16:34Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
576107 Peter Cheetham, Toronto3:16:52.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
579108 Timothy Wylie, Toronto3:16:55.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
584109 Michael Carr, King City3:17:12.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
585110 Sergii Biletskyi, Toronto3:17:13Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
591111 Philippe Tanguay, Mississauga3:17:28Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
599112 Adam Gribble, Toronto3:17:44Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
619113 Erik Kowalski, Ottawa3:18:09.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
620114 Curtis Anderson, Toronto3:18:15.1Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
621115 Olivier Duhamel, Toronto3:18:16.5GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
647116 Etienne Ste-Marie, Ottawa3:18:52.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
659117 Matthew Quick, Ottawa3:19:13.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
660118 Daniel Baldwin, Ottawa3:19:15.1Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
667119 Ravi Amarnath, Toronto3:19:25.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
677120 Benji Mercier, Toronto3:19:33Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
680121 John Mullen, Toronto3:19:35.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
683122 Ben Nguyen, Barrie3:19:43.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
692123 Andrew Towle, Andover3:19:57Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
694124 Christopher Makowski, Waterville3:19:58Niagara Falls International MarathonM20-29
709125 Samuel Jessula, Paris3:20:28.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
719126 Leon Howard, Guernsey3:20:46.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
730127 Josh Barber, Waterloo3:21:02Waterloo MarathonM20-29
744128 Matt Friesen, Niagara-on-the-Lak3:21:17Niagara Falls International MarathonM20-29
748129 Tom Alward, Orleans3:21:22.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
757130 Joel Dion-Poitras, Mirabel3:21:32.7Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
782131 Saeed Osman, Toronto3:22:14Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
783132 William St-Pierre, Breakeyville3:22:16.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
790133 Mirwan Saleh, Mississauga3:22:26Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
792134 Matt Robertson, Waterdown3:22:28.6Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
808135 Atsushi Matoyama, Toronto3:22:52Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
811136 Greg Westover, Oakville3:22:57Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
814137 James Shugart, Toronto3:23:01Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
818138 Devon Briggs, Kitchener3:23:06Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
826139 Martin O'Brien, London3:23:16.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
828140 Michael Alexander, Uxbridge3:23:21Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
862141 Henry Hayes, Toronto3:24:17.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
875142 Mitchell House, Manotick3:24:41.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
878143 Scott Hendrickson, Hay River3:24:45Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
880144 Mitchell Hooper, Midhurst3:24:46.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
882145 Kevin Nasu, Toronto3:24:48Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
886146 Harry Lowson, Toronto3:24:51Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
900147 David Pitts, Toronto3:25:18Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
908148 Sam Besler, Toronto3:25:27.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
918149 Longyuan Du, Toronto3:25:44.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
938150 Curtis Branscombe, Kingston3:26:06.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
950151 Matthew Quick, Ottawa3:26:18Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
956152 Timothy De Clercq, Mississauga3:26:23Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
957153 Frederick Viens, Mont-Saint- Hilaire3:26:24.7Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
972154 Alexandre Devine, Ottawa3:26:37.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
976155 Robert Vroegindeweij, Peterborough3:26:41.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
987156 Chris Wedeles, Toronto3:26:59.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
993157 Scott Brayne, Toronto3:27:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
995158 Roland Llewellyn-Thomas, Toronto3:27:13Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
996159 Daniel Burke, Port Colborne3:27:15.0Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
999160 Derek White, Guelph3:27:16.8Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
1001161 Dany Marin, Acton Vale3:27:19.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
1005162 Alexandre Benoit, St-Theodore D'acton3:27:26.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
1018163 Sergii Biletskyi, Toronto3:27:41.2Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
1029164 Donald Bastin, Ottawa3:27:50.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
1037165 Sam Besler, Toronto3:28:02Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1043166 Dan Boucher, Rockland3:28:09.9Ottawa Fall Colours MarathonM20-29
1048167 Nikko Torres, Toronto3:28:15Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1064168 David Sutton, Amherstburg3:28:31Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1070169 Ryan Seguin, St-Philippe3:28:36.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
1071170 Roberto Hernandez, Toronto3:28:38.5Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
1078171 Mathieu Maubert, Austin3:28:45Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1096172 Nathan Cox, Toronto3:29:03.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
1100173 Jeffrey Scott, Burlington3:29:09Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1103174 Trevor Murray, Kanata3:29:12.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
1112175 Nicolas Arellano, Ottawa3:29:18.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
1124176 Sebastien Fauteux, Toronto3:29:26.6Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
1126177 Mathieu Lepine, Toronto3:29:27.3Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
1129178 Mark Roy, Toronto3:29:33Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1130179 Yuhang Xu, 3:29:34CIS Sudbury Rocks!!! MarathonM20-29
1136180 Jon Roussey, Livonia3:29:44Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1140181 Jonathan Dow, Orillia3:29:46Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1147182 Daniel Baggaley, Toronto3:29:51Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1155183 Matthew Griffin, Toronto3:29:59.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
1156184 Nick Chauvin, Scarborough3:30:00Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1158185 Munkhdorj Khorolsuren, Toronto3:30:00.5GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
1167186 Alexander Piitz, Toronto3:30:14.0Mississauga Marathon RunM20-29
1170187 Andreas Kloppenborg, Toronto3:30:15Niagara Ultra MarathonM20-29
1173188 Brendan Osborne, Mississauga3:30:18Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1201189 Oliver Hutchison, Toronto3:30:57Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1202190 David Panici, Toronto3:31:00.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM20-29
1209191 Jack Cheng, Guelph3:31:08Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
1226192 Michael Del Giudice, Ottawa3:31:23Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1234193 Charles Martel, Kirkland3:31:39.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
1259194 Stan Szczepanski, Toronto3:31:59.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
1263195 Matthew O'Neil, Mississauga3:32:06Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1271196 David Friesen, Toronto3:32:18Waterloo MarathonM20-29
1283197 Kevin Nasu, Toronto3:32:30.5GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM20-29
1312198 Daniel Horn, Stoney Creek3:33:14Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM20-29
1313199 Phil Burger, Kemptville3:33:16Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29
1318200 Matthew Cowan, Toronto3:33:21Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM20-29