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2016 Male 30 - 39 Marathon Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

11 Eric Gillis, Guelph2:13:43Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
42 Julius Arile, 2:20:47Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
53 Kevin Rojas, Brighton-Hove2:24:51Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
94 Aaron Cooper, Camlachie2:28:11.7Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
115 Wondemu Molla Melsamo, Ottawa2:28:58.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
126 Adam Hortian, kitchener2:29:55Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
137 Calum Neff, Katy2:31:22Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
158 John Parrott, Restoule2:32:48Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
179 Dave Clark, Toronto2:34:10.4Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
2010 Mitch Free, St. George2:35:11Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
2311 David Keter, Kapsabet2:37:45.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
2412 Mitch Free, St. George2:38:55Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
2713 Tomasz Klisz, CHOCZNIA2:39:40Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
2814 Brad Gionet, Toronto2:39:41.2Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
2915 Joe Morrow, Toronto2:39:58.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
3016 Tristan Mitchell, Centennial2:40:25Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
3217 Kyle Wyatt, Toronto2:41:32Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
3318 Flavio Costa, Toronto2:41:54Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
3419 Matthew Leduc, Ajax2:42:00.2Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
3520 Mark Maronese, Thunder Bay2:42:10.1Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
3621 Karel Burger, Boksburg2:42:24Niagara Falls International MarathonM30-39
4022 Kyle Desormeaux, Ottawa2:43:49Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
4223 Avery Best, Toronto2:44:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
4324 Christopher Aranda, Ottawa2:44:40.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
4525 Kenneth Wong, Toronto2:45:32.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
4626 Philippe Reynolds, Chambly2:45:50Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
4827 Rob Vanderwerf, Owen Sound2:46:25Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
5028 Evans Maiko, 2:46:50.7Prince Edward County MarathonM30-39
5129 Adrian Horvath, Toronto2:47:53.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
5430 Teresa Fekensa, 2:48:47.8Prince Edward County MarathonM30-39
5731 Taiki Kida, Cambridge2:49:20.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
5832 Bill Bentley, Toronto2:49:24Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
5933 Marc Leblanc, Ashland2:49:45.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
6034 Eric Kosters, Centennial2:49:55Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
6535 Matt Gervais, Windsor2:50:58.1Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
7036 Nana Mantey, Brampton2:52:11.3Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
7237 George Lyons, Edinburgh2:52:25Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
7438 Mark Angus, Toronto2:52:28.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
7539 Olivier Lamontagne, Crabtree2:52:40.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
7740 Kyle Landry, Toronto2:52:56Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
8041 Kevin Beachy, Glenmont2:53:06.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
8342 Matt Strickland, Dwight2:53:27.1Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
8443 Ross Bain, Toronto2:53:29Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
8544 Mathieu Marilly, Toronto2:53:34.7Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
9145 Patrick Mccluskey, Scarborough2:54:13Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
9346 Robin Richard-Campeau, Saint-Leonard-D'aston2:54:31.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
9447 Shawn Clearsky, Bowmanville2:54:38Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
9648 Richard Larouche, Ottawa2:54:45.1Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
9749 Avery Best, Toronto2:54:45.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
9950 Jean-Philippe Proulx, Ottawa2:54:53.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
10451 Brian Vezeau, Saint-Ludger2:55:12.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
10752 Vadim Aksenov, Hamilton2:55:20.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
10853 Leo Papail, BEETON2:55:27Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
10954 Michael Trubiano, Ottawa2:55:38Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
11055 Mark Mohamed, Toronto2:55:41Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
11956 Michael Trubiano, Ottawa2:56:50.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
12457 Steve Elliott, Barrie2:57:18Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
12758 Jesse Knockleby, Ottawa2:57:36.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
12859 Kevin Richardson, Oshawa2:57:37.2Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
13060 Caen Suni, Chatham2:57:40Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
13361 Nick Fidler, Ottawa2:57:45.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
13562 Michael Rennick, Ottawa2:57:47.7Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
13663 Ilias Bakas, Athens/zografou2:57:47.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
13864 Marc-Andre Bohemier, Saint-Jerome2:57:55Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
13965 Brett Mcphedran, Red Deer2:57:56.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
14266 Michael Emke, Chesley2:58:17Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
14467 Bhavin Bilimoria, Toronto2:58:39Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
14768 Andrew Thomas, 2:58:46Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
15069 Dominique Tremblay, Alma2:58:57.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
15170 Gord Akilie, St. Catharines2:59:00.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
15271 Jarett Doyle, Toronto2:59:02.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
15372 Travis Hagelberg, Toronto2:59:04Waterloo MarathonM30-39
15573 Chris Carrique, Toronto2:59:19.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
15674 Nate Walsh, 2:59:21.9Whitby International MarathonM30-39
15875 Justin Pozin, Toronto2:59:28.7Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
15976 Simon Escorcia, Centennial2:59:29Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
16177 Michael Emke, Chesley2:59:32.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
16278 Carl Ryde, Doncaster2:59:37Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
16479 Jeff Rawthorn, Mount Hope2:59:41Waterloo MarathonM30-39
16680 Lucas Wilson, Toronto2:59:43.7Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
16781 Mark Mohamed, Toronto2:59:45.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
17082 Seybou Allagouma, Toronto2:59:53Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
17583 Matthew Kerry, Toronto2:59:59.5Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
17884 Jonathan Supper, Morin-Heights3:00:21.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
17985 Daniel Tian, Burnsville3:00:22Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
18186 Stephan De Wit, Burlington3:00:24Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
18387 Alan Depeters, E. Amherst3:00:35Niagara Falls International MarathonM30-39
18588 Steve Purificati, Toronto3:00:39Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
18889 Hugo Breton, Lorraine3:00:51.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
19290 Andrew Young, Toronto3:00:56.5Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
19391 Kyle Nealy, Toronto3:01:02.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
19592 Geoff Hotrum, Toronto3:01:09.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
19893 Matthew Daley, Ottawa3:01:25.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
20294 Steven Stewart, Kitchener3:01:40.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
20395 Filip Kotynia, Pickering3:01:41.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
20496 Steve Metzger, Toronto3:01:55.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
20697 Conor Wilson, Toronto3:02:07.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
20898 Thomas Curtin, Toronto3:02:10Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
21099 Greg Galloway, Cambridge3:02:11.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
212100 Jowenne Herrera, Toronto3:02:21Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
213101 Justin Close, Toronto3:02:24.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
214102 Nicholas Jardeleza, Toronto3:02:29.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
216103 Brennan Smith, Toronto3:02:34Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
218104 Matthew Winheim, Richmond3:02:35.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
219105 Darren Gilmour, Ottawa3:02:43.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
220106 Matt Desrosiers, Colton3:02:44.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
221107 David Gauthier, Toronto3:02:49Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
222108 Tim Gillespie, 3:02:55.4Prince Edward County MarathonM30-39
223109 Brad Macneill, Guelph3:02:57.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
224110 Simon Kalechstein, Deep River3:03:01Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
226111 Hans Melo, Toronto3:03:06.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
230112 Kevin Whittam, Toronto3:03:16.2Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
232113 Ian Gray, 3:03:22CIS Sudbury Rocks!!! MarathonM30-39
235114 David Sandomierski, Toronto3:03:31.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
238115 Jeff Mccue, 3:03:34.6Whitby International MarathonM30-39
240116 Alexandre Morin, Saint-Liboire3:04:02.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
243117 Mark Crichton, Manotick3:04:17.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
247118 Luciano Facchinelli, Laval-Des-Rapides3:04:26.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
248119 Yves Chemisky, Toronto3:04:27.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
248119 Arthur Lee, Toronto3:04:27.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
251121 Pascal Bessette, Ottawa3:04:31.0Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
256122 Vincent Pichard, Caraquet3:04:43Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
257123 Dustin Beach, Ottawa3:04:46.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
258124 Tim Snijders, Hamilton3:04:47.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
259125 Michael Wadel, Ottawa3:04:49.7Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
260126 Shamus Reid, Toronto3:04:50Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
261127 Jon Malton, Toronto3:04:53.4Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
262128 Jeff Conron, Toronto3:04:59Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
263129 Greg Dyce, Kitchener3:05:00Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
267130 Steve Osczevski, Newmarket3:05:20.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
269131 Michael Kelly, niagara on the lak3:05:22Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
272132 James Bender, Hanover3:05:28Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
276133 Kevin Lockett, Ottawa3:05:37.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
278134 Doug Rivard, Thunder Bay3:05:40.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
279135 Soroush Hatami, Toronto3:05:42Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
282136 Erick Brandt, Etobicoke3:05:43.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
284137 Patrick Mccluskey, Toronto3:05:47.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
288138 Michael Matak, Toronto3:05:53.9Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
289139 Glenn Ikeda, Pickering3:05:57Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
290140 Daniel Crittenden, Toronto3:06:06.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
291141 Christopher Mcbride, 3:06:08.5Whitby International MarathonM30-39
295142 Pascal Hudon, Edmundston3:06:20.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
297143 Eric Bussieres, Saint-Henri3:06:29.1Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
300144 Philip Mancini, Burlington3:06:41.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
301145 Brandon Barcomb, Clifton Park3:06:46.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
302146 Qifeng Weng, Toronto3:06:49.6Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
305147 Brendan Macdonald, Toronto3:06:54Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
306148 Mathieu Rioux, Val-Des_monts3:07:01Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
306148 Steven Stewart, Kitchener3:07:01Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
314150 Mark Taylor, Toronto3:07:23Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
316151 Matt Barfoot, Port Elgin3:07:28Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
317152 Jean-Sebastien Proulx, Saint-Eustache3:07:35Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
318153 Matthew Cole, Toronto3:07:35.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
319154 Vincent Patry, Saint-Georges-De-Beauce3:07:40.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
320155 James Clark, Brantford3:07:49.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
321156 Graham Colby, Toronto3:07:51Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
324157 Andrew Bellamy, Mississauga3:07:55Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
331158 David Hainish, Milton3:08:06Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
333159 Mark Yamashita, Toronto3:08:07.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
339160 Alejandro Martinez, Toronto3:08:21Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
342161 Glenn Kimberley, Mississauga3:08:24.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
348162 Mark Sykes, Newmarket3:08:48Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
354163 Paul Arnold, London3:09:10Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
355164 Tom Mccoleman, Ottawa3:09:12.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
358165 Sean Sharp, 3:09:16CIS Sudbury Rocks!!! MarathonM30-39
361166 Brad Macneill, Guelph3:09:21Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
365167 Erik Tai, New Taipei City3:09:28Niagara Falls International MarathonM30-39
371168 Francois Lavoie, Shefford3:09:33.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
375169 David Gostick, London3:09:50Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
376170 Guillaume Robin, Becancour3:09:50.9Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
377171 Gaozhi Chen, Richmond Hill3:09:55Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
379172 Jean-Francois Rafferty, Saint-Eustache3:09:59.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
385173 Jason Petruniak, Tecumseh3:10:15.7Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
389174 Marcel Blom, Beamsville3:10:25.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
392175 Joao Fernandes, Toronto3:10:28Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
400176 John Schabert, Toronto3:10:55Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
408177 David Lanthier, Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts3:11:08.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
412178 Andre Rondeau, Ottawa3:11:17.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
414179 Frederic Lauziere, Rawdon3:11:24.5Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
418180 Michael Milne, Ottawa3:11:31.3Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
420181 Jean-Marc Ducharme, Ile Bizard3:11:34.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
423182 Jonathan Lambert, Hamilton3:11:38Hamilton Road 2 Hope MarathonM30-39
425183 Rian Sheehan, Belle River3:11:42.6Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
427184 Marco Turi, brooklyn3:11:50Niagara Falls International MarathonM30-39
429185 Mickey Scott, Woodstock3:11:53Waterloo MarathonM30-39
430186 Brennan Smith, Toronto3:11:53.2Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
434187 David Longley, Oshawa3:12:00.9Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
440188 Simon Boucher, Shefford3:12:17.4Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
449189 Matthew Leef, Sudbury3:12:42Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
450190 Andrew Marble, Toronto3:12:44.8Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
453191 Kortnee Borden, Toronto3:12:53.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
455192 Yu Fang, Richmond Hill3:13:01.6Mississauga Marathon RunM30-39
457193 Mike Fullgraf, Toronto3:13:06.5GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
459194 James Bender, Hanover3:13:16.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto MarathonM30-39
462195 Travis Macbeth, London3:13:27.0Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
474196 Peter Stockdale, Oxford3:13:52Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
475197 Gustavo Reyna, Fort Lauderdale3:13:53Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
479198 Greg Friesen, Ottawa3:13:57.6Scotiabank Ottawa MarathonM30-39
480199 Phil Brunet, Ottawa3:13:58Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39
480199 Vikum Abeygunawardena, Toronto3:13:58Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonM30-39