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5K Rankings
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8K & 5 Mile Rankings
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Half Marathon Rankings
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M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+

2016 Male 70 and Over Half Marathon Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

278811207Ken Lindsay, 1:41:55.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
326421430John Bone, Great Yarmouth1:43:43Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
337131483Tony Dunbar, Brockville1:44:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
380741706Tony Dunbar, 1:45:32.00TIP Mark Darroch Half MarathonM70+
417851892Philip Cheetham, London1:46:49.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM70+
457162099George Robb, Waterloo1:48:13Waterloo Half MarathonM70+
506872366Roger Barker, Burlington1:49:51Tim Hortons Grimsby HalfM70+
534882513Ed Whitlock, Milton1:50:47Waterloo Half MarathonM70+
630293004Edmond Paradis, Saint-Sauveur1:53:48Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
6489103103Cecil Sturge, Kemptville1:54:21.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
6629113176Doug Cunningham, Waterloo1:54:48Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM70+
6660123196George Robb, Waterloo1:54:55Tim Hortons Grimsby HalfM70+
6730133234Jean-Guy Ducharme, St-Etienne-De-Beauharnois1:55:06.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
6767143259Doug Cunningham, Waterloo1:55:12.7Chilly Half MarathonM70+
7719153780Louis Comerton, Ottawa1:57:47Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
7972163918Robert Glazier, Toronto1:58:29Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
8118174001Louis Comerton, 1:58:55.6Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
8197184052Chris Jermyn, 1:59:11.6Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
8227194071Allan Savage, 1:59:16.3Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
8533204249Robert Brisebois, Rockland2:00:08.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
9519214795David Edwards, Kanata2:03:31.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
9544224809Larry Owen, Newmarket2:03:36Waterloo Half MarathonM70+
9601234845Peter Dobos, Guelph2:03:45Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM70+
9625244858Robert Didier, Mississauga2:03:50.8Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM70+
9640254865Peter Dawson, Toronto2:03:53Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
9827264963Volkert Bobeldijk, 2:04:32.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
9851274978George Stern, Toronto2:04:40Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
10314285250Leonel Carranza, Toronto2:06:17.7Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM70+
10438295330Masato Komati, Florianopolis2:06:44Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
10766305519Fernand Roy, St-Georges2:07:58.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
10896315599John James, 2:08:27.6Oakville Half MarathonM70+
11034325672David Edwards, 2:09:01.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
11044335676John Miller, Oshawa2:09:04Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
11084345700Spiro Tompros, Bowmanville2:09:16Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
11527355948Horst Sick, Feldkirchen2:11:06Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
11674366026John Buchanan, Mississauga2:11:43Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
11884376129Paul Lajoie, Isle-Aux-Coudres2:12:42.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
11917386146Michael Murray, North Augusta2:12:49.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
11960396165Leonel Carranza, Toronto2:12:59Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
12142406267Francois Beaudoin, 2:13:47.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
12537416506Robert Brisebois, 2:15:32.7Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
12657426572Brian Reynolds, Woodstock2:16:12Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
12692436590John Burns, Chatham2:16:21.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
12770446637Florencio Fernandez, North York2:16:47.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM70+
12807456653John Raiswell, 2:16:58.00TIP Mark Darroch Half MarathonM70+
12936466729Andrew Collins, 2:17:32.1Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
12943476735Merv Hodgson, 2:17:35.7Prince Edward County Half MarathonM70+
13091486835Denis Kennedy, beamsville2:18:25The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM70+
13115496853Geoff Lewis, 2:18:33.0Prince Edward County Half MarathonM70+
13121506855Dale Thompson, 2:18:34.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
13163516881Jean-Claude Tremblay, Kanata2:18:49.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
13183526893John Huisman, Campbellville2:18:54Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
13196536904Jim Fisher, Toronto2:18:58Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
13372547015Robert Adolfson, Ottawa2:19:52.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
13412557037Jose Dolores Galvan, Tlalnepantla Esta2:20:08Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
13521567108Ian Atkinson, WATERLOO2:20:50Run Collingwood Half MarathonM70+
13592577148Ken B Anderson, 2:21:14.9Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
13602587156Hans Buser, 2:21:19.4Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
13718597221Wally Monson, St Albert2:22:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
13804607271Michael Murray, North Augusta02:22:39.6Perth's Kilt Half Marathon RunM70+
13837617290Dean Gugler, Paris2:22:55Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM70+
13866627308Lloyd Schneider, Waterloo2:23:05.7Chilly Half MarathonM70+
13910637334Pj Marshall, 2:23:26.00TIP Mark Darroch Half MarathonM70+
13985647382Ben Mooy, Ottawa2:24:01.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
14048657421Denis Kennedy, Beamsville2:24:25Tim Hortons Grimsby HalfM70+
14066667429Larry Wilson, Paris2:24:31.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
14147677475Leo Strawczynski, Ottawa2:25:06Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
14158687484George Duffy, Richmond Hill2:25:09.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM70+
14185697498Fern Proulx, Stalbert2:25:26Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
14198707509Dean Gugler, Paris2:25:32Chilly Half MarathonM70+
14564717709Merv Hodgson, Maitland2:28:18.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
14599727728Lester Hancock, Heart's Delight2:28:37.1Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonM70+
14639737754John Curtis, Toronto2:28:59Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
14645747757Alan Rushforth, Nepean2:29:02.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
14776757840Janusz Donat Gawlik, 2:30:11.1Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
14829767873David Rafal, Brampton2:30:40.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
14904777921Nick Hare, Carp2:31:22.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
14943787942Wayne Buck, New Hamburg2:31:49Forest City Road Races Half-MarathonM70+
15015797985Gregory Falardeau, Rockland2:32:31Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
15180808089Jean-Claude Tremblay, 2:34:15.7Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
15200818104Ral Germain, Amos2:34:25.0Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
15230828121Kenneth Wat, Markham2:34:47Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
15324838176Mike Johnston, Cobourg2:35:54Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
15335848180Peter Ottenoff, Kingston2:36:02.7Limestone City Half MarathonM70+
15346858185Doug Lester, Aylmer2:36:07Forest City Road Races Half-MarathonM70+
15354868191Steffan Kampe, 2:36:10Hardick Springbank Half MarathonM70+
15632878356Steffen Kampe, St. Thomas2:39:47Forest City Road Races Half-MarathonM70+
15672888377Roger Smith, 2:40:29.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
15704898398Norman Brown, Hamilton2:40:53Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM70+
15713908403Douglas Macaulay, Ottawa2:41:00.0Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
15856918486Kenneth Wat, Markham2:43:01.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM70+
15899928507Neil Allison, Aurora2:43:34Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
15918938518Robert Adolfson, 2:43:59.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
16000948572Paul Henry, Kitchener2:45:15.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
16074958616Madan Chawla, Markham2:46:33Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
16079968620David Rafal, 2:46:35.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
16081978622Ron Beaulieu, Lac Masson2:46:38Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
16094988631Alan Cameron, State College2:46:49.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
16140998656Bob Piat, Oshawa2:47:30Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
161581008669Don Lacey, Oshawa2:47:58Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
161801018681Louis Comerton, Ottawa2:48:35.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
162911028749Ben Tripp, East Garafraxa2:51:09.5Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM70+
163091038759Thomas Podruchny, 2:51:31.6Oakville Half MarathonM70+
164031048806Frank Hagleitner, Toronto2:54:37Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
164611058844Bill E Williams, Richmond2:56:43.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
164661068847Tom Rice, 2:56:59.0Prince Edward County Half MarathonM70+
165011078869Alan Connors, Toronto2:58:04Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
165221088882Martyn Hodgson, Ottawa2:58:33.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
165481098904Hughie Nolan, Renfrew2:59:49.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
165611108910Mario Rosero, Toronto3:00:05.6Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM70+
165751118920Gerald Heit, 3:00:39.3Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
166131128941Mario Rosero, Toronto3:02:24Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
166371138957Leonidas Carambelas, Mississauga3:03:15Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
166881148990Chiu Lee, Lakeshore3:05:56Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
166971158996Ivan Viher, London3:06:52Niagara Falls Half MarathonM70+
167061169000William Lee, Toronto3:07:20Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
167521179027Hughie Holan, 3:10:12.3Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
167661189034Don Adams, Navan3:10:50.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
167821199041Norman Trowell, 3:12:02.6Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
168191209063Paul Macneil, 3:15:04.9Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
168691219090Bruce Ryan, Petawawa3:20:11.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
168891229107Kirti Shah, Toronto3:23:23Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
169101239120John Wren, Beavercreek3:25:57Niagara Falls Half MarathonM70+
169311249134Michael Hardy, niagara falls3:29:17Niagara Falls Half MarathonM70+
169401259141Luigi Carlesso, 3:30:42.3Friendly Massey Half MarathonM70+
169421269143Ronald Lees, St Davids3:30:55Niagara Falls Half MarathonM70+
169711279159Bill Dorssers, Blenheim ON3:36:24.2Trot to the Beach Half Marathon RunM70+
169721289160Luigi Carlesso, Toronto3:36:26Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
169741299161Andy Greiner, Ottawa3:36:45.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
169881309172Bob Scruton, 3:39:25.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
170291319198Al Baronenas, Toronto3:48:24.0Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM70+
170451329205Jean-Guy Daigle, Ottawa3:56:29.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
170481339208Tony Carroll, Richmond Hill3:58:04.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM70+
170491349209Don Heys, 3:59:09.3Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM70+
170601359218Steef Wesseling, Carleton Place4:01:46.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM70+
170771369228Patrick Groulx, Toronto4:23:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+
170871379232Mike Colle, Toronto6:23:41Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM70+