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5K Rankings
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M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
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Half Marathon Rankings
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M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+

2016 Master Male Half Marathon Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

2 Tristan Woodfine, Guelph1:08:03.6Chilly Half MarathonM
6 Josh Bolton, Paris1:09:00Chilly Half MarathonM
13 Lucas Mcaneney, Etobicoke1:09:34.3Chilly Half MarathonM
3014Jacques Bouchard, 1:11:51.3Canada Army Run 1/2 Marathon Athletes with a DisabilityM50-59
31 Predrag Mladenovic, Toronto1:11:52.7Chilly Half MarathonM
40 Bryan Rusche, Toronto1:12:33.4Chilly Half MarathonM
4517Predrag Mladenovic, Etobicoke1:12:49Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
5528Pascal Renard, Sudbury1:14:45Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
6739Troy Cox, Hunstville1:15:28.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
74410Chris Watson, Hunstville1:15:57.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
77511Shawn Kehoe, Toronto1:16:19.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
78612Stephen Peck, Toronto1:16:25.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
81 Jose Fuentes, Hamilton1:16:44.6Chilly Half MarathonM
82714Pascal Renard, SUDBURY1:16:45SudburyRocks!! Half MarathonM40-49
84815Rodney Loeppky, Toronto1:16:50Niagara Falls Half MarathonM40-49
85216Brian Cupit, Toronto1:16:53.6Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM50-59
90317Brian Cupit, Toronto1:17:19Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
99918Warren Ringler, 1:17:44The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM40-49
1021019Christian Uhlrich, Etobicoke1:17:48Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
105420Alistair Munro, Toronto1:18:08.4Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
1101121Stephen Miller, Burlington1:18:12.2Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM40-49
1211222Christian Uhlrich, Etobicoke1:18:47.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
1261323Jorge Damian Parra, Ottawa1:19:06.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
1281424Bill Steinburg, 1:19:07.9Oakville Half MarathonM40-49
1301525Richard Mcclelland, London1:19:13.7Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
1351626Tim Dalton, 1:19:26.8Oakville Half MarathonM40-49
1381727Patrick Orgar, Hamilton1:19:32Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
141528Lawrence Warriner, Toronto1:19:38Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM50-59
143629Jose Fuentes, Hamilton1:19:44Niagara Falls Half MarathonM50-59
1501830Mark Sinnige, Huntsville1:20:02.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
152731Nobuhiro Yamashita, Cambridge1:20:14.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM50-59
1541932Morgan Mcnichol, Milton1:20:18Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
1582033Morgan Mcnichol, Milton1:20:28.5Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
1602134Jim Mylet, Oakville1:20:31.7Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
1612235Robert Madej, Toronto1:20:33Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
1612235Richard Bowry, Toronto1:20:33Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
1642437Christian Belair, 1:20:38.3Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM40-49
166838John Meijer, Toronto1:20:41.3Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
1672539Christian Belair, Summerstown1:20:41.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
1682640Mark Clingen, Etobicoke1:20:42.6Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
1702741Jason Pollard, Ottawa1:20:45Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
1782842Hugo Orozco Reyes, Toronto1:21:00Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
1842943Geoffrey Richards, 1:21:14.8Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM40-49
1853044Adam Yurkiw, Ajax1:21:15.8Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
186945Brian Murphy, London1:21:18Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
1863145Richard Mcclelland, London1:21:18Hardick Springbank Half MarathonM40-49
1893247Luke Doucet, Toronto1:21:23Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
1893247Dave Cooper, Toronto1:21:23Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
1971049Paul Jamael, Toronto1:21:32.8Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
198 Leslie Black, Toronto1:21:34.6Chilly Half MarathonM
2073451Greg Graham, London1:21:48Hardick Springbank Half MarathonM40-49
2113552Richard Bowry, Toronto1:21:55Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2153653Tim Dalton, Toronto1:21:58.7Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2203754James Ritchie, Toronto1:22:07.6Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2221155Paul Huyer, 1:22:08.7Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM50-59
2233856Michael Blois, 1:22:11.9Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM40-49
2271257Peter Pacak, Milton1:22:20.9Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
2283958Richard Bowry, Toronto1:22:23Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
2294059Ryan Filletti, Orangeville1:22:29.0Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM40-49
2324160Michael Blois, 1:22:34.3Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM40-49
2334261Jose Lomonaco, Toronto1:22:34.5Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2364362Ryan Trant, Georgetown1:22:38.8Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM40-49
2381363Daniel Mackinnon, Pickering1:22:39.1Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
2394464Terry Rushworth, 1:22:39.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM40-49
2471465Robert Campbell, Toronto1:22:45.9Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
2524566Miguel Ramirez, 1:22:55.1Oakville Half MarathonM40-49
2554667John Mcalister, East York1:22:58Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
2614768Pat Menzies, 1:23:10Whitby International Half MarathonM40-49
2624869Randy Zabukovec, Kingston1:23:12Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2644970Ben Kaplan, Toronto1:23:13.2Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2665071Scott Greig, Owen Sound1:23:17Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2705172Stan Ong, Toronto1:23:19Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2711573Jianping Xu, Dundas1:23:19.1Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
2735274Darren Collins, Victoria Harbour1:23:21.3GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
2775375Allan Wiggins, Oakville1:23:27.9Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2785476Cullen Price, Toronto1:23:30.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
2795577James Corcoran, Toronto1:23:35Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
2801678Nobuhiro Yamashita, Cambridge1:23:37Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM50-59
2815679Michael O'Riordan, Hamilton1:23:38Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
2865780Kevin Gough, Toronto1:23:42Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
2875881Steve Bell, Kennesaw1:23:45Niagara Ultra Half MarathonM40-49
2925982Martin Claus, Mono1:23:47.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
2941783Rob Isabelle, Ridgewood1:23:49Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM50-59
2981884David Harding, Greely1:23:54Hardick Springbank Half MarathonM50-59
2986084Colin Bodels, Drexel Hill1:23:54Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
3011986Frank Balestra, Mississauga1:23:56Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM50-59
302 Kristen Johnson, St. Catharines1:23:57.3Chilly Half MarathonM
3036188Michael Oriordan, Hamilton1:23:57.4Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM40-49
3046289Savvas Frantzeskos, Kingston1:23:58.0Limestone City Half MarathonM40-49
3066390Chris Gage, Toronto1:24:01.2Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
3116491Jean-Claude Bouchard, Boischatel1:24:06.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
3136592Simion Candrea, 1:24:09.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM40-49
3152093Jo_e Mori, ME_ICA1:24:10Niagara Falls Half MarathonM50-59
3182194Stefan Zver, Scarborough1:24:13.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM50-59
3196695Dave Cooper, Toronto1:24:14Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
3202296Kagan Ryszard, Mississauga1:24:14.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM50-59
3266797John Bearcroft, 1:24:21.0Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM40-49
334 Seanna Robinson, Toronto1:24:30.2Chilly Half MarathonM
3376899Stan Ong, TORONTO1:24:31Run Collingwood Half MarathonM40-49
3372399Mario Raposo, Oshawa1:24:31Niagara Falls Half MarathonM50-59
34069101Doug Philips, Toronto1:24:33.5Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
34370102Ralf Dagher, Ottawa1:24:38Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
34671103Andrew Boyd, Toronto1:24:42Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
34671103Mark Sinnige, Huntsville1:24:42Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
34873105Warren Isfan, 1:24:46.6Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM40-49
35174106Mike Mcneil, Waterdown1:24:50The Run for the Grapes Half MarathonM40-49
35424107Jim Fullarton, Ottawa1:24:52Niagara Ultra Half MarathonM50-59
35775108Jeremy Walsh, London1:24:54Niagara Falls Half MarathonM40-49
35925109Robert Hanks, Toronto1:24:54.6Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
36376110Christian Del Valle, Ottawa1:24:57.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
36677111Mike Aubin, Belle River1:24:59Running from Cancer Half MarathonM40-49
36677111Lawrence Bomberry, Brantford1:24:59Hardick Springbank Half MarathonM40-49
36826113Jake Qian, Whitby1:24:59.7Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
37479114Jas Singh, N/a1:25:12.5Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
37780115Rob Sidhu, Toronto1:25:14.9Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
37881116Christiaan Piller, Toronto1:25:15Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
38082117Ron Marek, Oakville1:25:15.9Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
38283118Jeff Green, Toronto1:25:18Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
38627119Rick Hellard, 1:25:21.1Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM50-59
38728120Roger Wyllie, Ottawa1:25:23Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM50-59
38829121Patrick Kelly, 1:25:23.4Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonM50-59
38984122Ralf Dagher, Ottawa1:25:24.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
3981123Ian Kitching, Banstead1:25:41.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM60-69
40230124Nick Roberts, Toronto1:25:46Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM50-59
40285124Leigh Wingfield, Caledon1:25:46Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
40831126Wayne Rice, Sydenham1:25:51.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM50-59
41086127Brock Davis, Brockville1:25:55.3Limestone City Half MarathonM40-49
41132128Yves Fortin, Ottawa1:25:56.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM50-59
41287129Alan Mcdougall, Toronto1:25:58Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
41688130Geoff Riggs, 1:26:00.4Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM40-49
41989131Adam Yurkiw, Ajax1:26:02Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
42433132Conrad Ledrew, Toronto1:26:07Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM50-59
42634133Brian Watson, 1:26:07.9Run for Retina Research Half MarathonM50-59
43190134Eric Giffard, 1:26:13.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM40-49
43391135Mario Gignac, L'Ancienne Lorette1:26:14.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
43692136Jason Lloyd, Marysville1:26:16.0Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
43835137Graeme Ozburn, Toronto1:26:17.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM50-59
44193138Shawn Morton, N/a1:26:18.6Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
44394139Sudheer Joshi, Brooklin1:26:20Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
44636140Brad Arndt, London ON1:26:21.7Trot to the Beach Half Marathon RunM50-59
44937141Kevin Gallagher, Toronto1:26:24Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM50-59
451 Steve Verner, 1:26:24.9Canada Army Run 1/2 Marathon Athletes with a DisabilityM
45838143Robert Hanks, 1:26:34.4Oakville Half MarathonM50-59
45995144Patrick Voo, Barrie1:26:35.9Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
46196145Gregoire Bonhomme, Toronto1:26:36.4Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
46397146Roberto Figueira, Bolton1:26:37.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
46439147Carl Young, Mississauga1:26:37.5Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
46740148Paul Turner, Ottawa1:26:42.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM50-59
46998149Tony Marra, Toronto1:26:42.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
47199150Miguel Sierra Bernal, Georgetown1:26:44.3Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM40-49
475100151Andre Blackrose, Toronto1:26:48Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
476101152Colin Kiviaho, Ottawa1:26:48.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
478102153Jim Hadjissarris, Tecumseh1:26:49Running from Cancer Half MarathonM40-49
479103154Mike Mcneil, Waterdown1:26:49.5Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
481104155Dale Draaistra, Brantford1:26:50.5Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
48241156Clive Morgan, Yarker1:26:50.9Limestone City Half MarathonM50-59
483105157Brock David, 1:26:52.00TIP Mark Darroch Half MarathonM40-49
48442158Jordan Taylor, Waterloo1:26:52.1Chilly Half MarathonM50-59
486106159Daniel Xhavara, Mississauga1:26:55.0Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM40-49
487107160Steven Van Alstine, N/a1:26:55.4Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
492108161Dave Emilio, Toronto1:26:58.8Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
49643162Stefan Zver, Scarborough1:27:00Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM50-59
498109163Andrew Advani, Toronto1:27:02.5Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM40-49
499110164Simon Grocott, Toronto1:27:03Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
500111165Ryan Filletti, Orangeville1:27:04Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
501112166Charles Brindamour, Toronto1:27:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
505113167Jim Mylet, Oakville1:27:08Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
506114168Jon Belcher, Toronto1:27:09Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
509115169Allan Wiggins, Oakville1:27:12Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
51144170Robert Campbell, 1:27:14.4Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM50-59
512116171Brian Rodkin, Thornhill1:27:14.7Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
516117172Benoit Labreche, Ottawa1:27:17.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM40-49
517118173Jean-Frederick Lavoie, 1:27:17.5Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM40-49
518119174Tony Chen, Richmond Hill1:27:20.4Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
52045175Mario Raposo, Oshawa1:27:22.0Limestone City Half MarathonM50-59
525120176Paul Woolford, Mississauga1:27:24Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
529121177Gary Barfoot, Kitchener1:27:28Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
54046178Brent Walker, 1:27:36.2Friendly Massey Half MarathonM50-59
54147179Carey Levinton, Toronto1:27:38Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM50-59
542122180David Barnes, Toronto1:27:38.2Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM40-49
545123181Francois Vincent, Saint Jean sur ric1:27:42Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
546124182Michael Moran, Toronto1:27:43.7Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
547125183Colin Macdougall, Kingston1:27:44.0Limestone City Half MarathonM40-49
549126184Kevin Dunbar, Kingston1:27:46.3Limestone City Half MarathonM40-49
55048185Colin Daniel, Ottawa1:27:46.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonM50-59
55349186Kevin Gallagher, Toronto1:27:49.0Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM50-59
554127187Christian Del Valle, 1:27:49.1Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM40-49
55650188Montgomery Gump Mcmeekin, Port Elgin1:27:51Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM50-59
56051189Larry Shorter, Oakville1:27:53.4Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkM50-59
565128190Andre Blackrose, Toronto1:27:56.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
566129191Jeffrey Ponke, Caledon1:27:57Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM40-49
567130192Zohrab Mawani, Toronto1:27:58.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfM40-49
57052193Richard Weeks, Owen Sound1:28:04Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonM50-59
572131194Mark Gryn, Tecumseh1:28:05Running from Cancer Half MarathonM40-49
57453195Roger Wyllie, 1:28:07.0Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM50-59
575132196Holger Kleinke, Waterloo1:28:07.1Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
577133197Jeremy Daveau, Toronto1:28:09Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
579134198Jeffery Wang, Mississauga1:28:09.4Chilly Half MarathonM40-49
582135199Glen Caradus, Peterborough1:28:12Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonM40-49
58354200Niall Tait, 1:28:13.6Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonM50-59