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5K Rankings
Open Male Open Female
Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
8K & 5 Mile Rankings
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Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
10K Rankings
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Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
Half Marathon Rankings
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Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+
Marathon Rankings
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Master Male Master Female
M1-19   F1-19  
M20-29 M30-39 F20-29 F30-39
M40-49 M50-59 F40-49 F50-59
M60-69 M70+ F60-69 F70+

2016 Open Female Half Marathon Rankings

Age Group
Name Time Race Age Group

11 Rachel Hannah, 1:16:00.4Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF20-29
2 Leslie Sexton, London1:16:05.8Chilly Half MarathonF
3 Krista Duchene, Brantford1:16:35.4Chilly Half MarathonF
42 Victoria Coates, Hamilton1:16:54Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
51 Erin Mcclure Robb, waterloo1:17:06Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF30-39
63 Leslie Sexton, London1:17:24Hardick Springbank Half MarathonF20-29
72 Erin Mcclure Robb, Waterloo1:17:41.5Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkF30-39
83 Dehininet Jara, toronto1:18:56Niagara Falls Half MarathonF30-39
94 Amanda Mcleod, Hamilton1:19:00Niagara Falls Half MarathonF30-39
105 Kathleen Devine, Toronto1:19:57.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
11 Brittany Moran, Etobicoke1:20:18Chilly Half MarathonF
126 Erin Mcclure, Waterloo1:20:41Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
134 Alemtsehay Bezabih, Toronto1:20:45Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF20-29
145 Shannon Kelsey, Burlington1:20:54Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF20-29
156 Brittany Harber, Etobicoke1:20:55Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
167 Victoria Siemon, toronto1:21:02Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
177 Katherine Ahokas, Hunstville1:21:14.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
188 Katie Phillips, Kleinburg1:21:19.9Limestone City Half MarathonF20-29
1914Leslie Black, Toronto1:21:52Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF40-49
209 Kait Toohey, 1:21:56.6Friendly Massey Half MarathonF20-29
2110 Laura Mclean, Toronto1:22:48.6Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
2225Lucy Nier, Toronto1:23:18.2Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkF40-49
238 Heather Hillsburg, Toronto1:23:25.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
2411 Kait Toohey, Princeton1:23:30.3Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
259 Elizabeth Montgomery, Toronto1:24:03Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF30-39
2612 Alemtsehay Bezabeh, 1:24:29.1Prince Edward County Half MarathonF20-29
2713 Shannon Kelsey, Burlington1:24:43.4Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
2814 Katarina Mylvaganam, North York1:24:46Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
2910 Elizabeth Montgomery, Toronto1:24:50Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
3011 Leah Sherriff, Ottawa1:24:53.8GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
3136Paula Wiltse, 1:25:01.7Prince Edward County Half MarathonF40-49
3215 Kierstin Myers, London1:25:04.2Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkF20-29
3312 Heather Colasuonno, Ajax1:25:08.9Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
3413 Blaire Kniaziew Gervais, Windsor1:25:11.0Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkF30-39
3514 Lindsay Manning, North York1:25:12.8Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
3647Paula Wiltse, Brockville1:25:25.5Limestone City Half MarathonF40-49
3715 Katherine Ahokas, Huntsville1:25:30.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
3816 Maureen Mahoney, Ottawa1:25:49.0Limestone City Half MarathonF30-39
3917 Dana Buchanan, 1:25:50.3Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF30-39
4016 Courtney Laurie, Toronto1:25:58Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
4117 Laura Mclean, 1:26:03.9Oakville Half MarathonF20-29
4218 Shannon Kelsey, Burlington1:26:07Tim Hortons Grimsby HalfF20-29
4318 Michelle Clariond, San Pedro Garza G1:26:11Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
4419 Mary Catherine Stewart, Guelph1:26:14.5GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
4520 Tracy Mckay, Grimsby1:26:15Niagara Falls Half MarathonF30-39
4658Lynn Dempsey, Brantford1:26:20Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF40-49
4719 Elyse Pratt-Johnson, Ottawa1:26:28.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
48 Casey Moskel, Pittsford1:26:31Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF
4921 Tanya Porcellato, Guelph1:26:36.8Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
5022 Aditi Krishna, Ottawa1:26:39.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
51610Zoe Webster, Toronto1:26:50Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF40-49
5220 C J Best, Ottawa1:26:52Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
5321 Lindsay Khan, Russell1:27:08.5Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonF20-29
5423 Kara Gaston, Toronto1:27:11Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
5522 Dale Findlay, Toronto1:27:12Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
56711Jutta Merilainen, 1:27:15.6Prince Edward County Half MarathonF40-49
57812Rhonda Stickle, Barrie1:27:20.3Chilly Half MarathonF40-49
5824 Emily Patton, Hamilton1:27:21Waterloo Half MarathonF30-39
59913Leslie Sanderson, Ottawa1:27:29.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
6023 Rebekah Folkema, 1:27:29.9Oakville Half MarathonF20-29
611014Genevieve Pellerin, Luskville1:27:31Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
6124 Lorelle Convery, Toronto1:27:31Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
6325 Marie Marchese, Kingston1:27:32.5Limestone City Half MarathonF20-29
641115Julie Martens, Oakville1:27:38.9Chilly Half MarathonF40-49
6525 Emily Maclean, Ottawa1:27:48.9Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
6626 Christine Drouin, 1:27:50.5Prince Edward County Half MarathonF20-29
6726 Michaela Mcclure, Kitchener1:27:51Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF30-39
6827 Sayaka Tiessen, Toronto1:27:52.4Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
6928 Annabel Tory, Wesmount1:27:54Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
6927 Jane Weber, Toronto1:27:54Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
711216Suzanne Kerr, 1:28:06.6Prince Edward County Half MarathonF40-49
7229 Kailey Haddock, 1:28:17.4Oakville Half MarathonF20-29
7330 Riley Filion, Kingston1:28:23.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
7428 Angela Batsford, Petawawa1:28:25SudburyRocks!! Half MarathonF30-39
751317Erin King, Whitby1:28:32.5Chilly Half MarathonF40-49
7629 Kasey Walsh, 1:28:39.8Prince Edward County Half MarathonF30-39
7730 Cassie Smith, Kitchener1:28:40.0GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
781418Erin King, Whitby1:28:47.7Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkF40-49
7931 Alexandra Hynes-Davidson, Orleans1:28:49.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
8031 Joanita Louw, Caledonia1:28:52Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF20-29
8132 Erin Rivers, Ottawa1:28:57Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
8233 Gillian Willard, Waterloo1:28:58.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF20-29
8334 Katarina Mylvaganam, Toronto1:28:58.5Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
8432 Kate Reid, London1:29:00Forest City Road Races Half-MarathonF30-39
8535 Karoline Hoy, Shuniah1:29:07Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
861519Cynthia Nelson, Ottawa1:29:08Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
87120Elizabeth Waywell, 1:29:08.9Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF50-59
8833 Hannah Fraser, Owen Sound1:29:14Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF30-39
8936 Meghan Hughes, Toronto1:29:17Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
901621Heather Pady, Mono1:29:18Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
9134 Mindy Fleming, 1:29:21.1Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonF30-39
9235 Krista Cranston, Chatham ON1:29:21.8Trot to the Beach Half Marathon RunF30-39
9336 Clair Collin, Toronto1:29:30Tim Hortons Grimsby HalfF30-39
9437 Martina Morton, 1:29:46.0Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
951722Suzanne Garrett Kerr, 1:29:47.3Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonF40-49
9638 Laurelly Dale, Toronto1:29:48Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
9739 Michelle Spencer, Guelph1:29:48.3Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
9840 Kristina Jensen, 1:29:48.8Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF30-39
9937 Paulina Maher, Oakville1:29:50Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
10038 Erika Giovannetti, Mississauga1:29:52Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF20-29
10141 Kerry Kuluski, Toronto1:29:55.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
10242 Cara Kasdorf, Guelph1:29:59.3Mississauga Marathon - Half Marathon Run/WalkF30-39
1031823Stephanie Zammit, 1:30:03Whitby International Half MarathonF40-49
1041924Zoe Webster, Toronto1:30:03.5Chilly Half MarathonF40-49
10539 Jasmine Mahdy, North York1:30:04.7GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF20-29
1062025Susanne Darling, Peterborough1:30:14Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF40-49
10743 Erin Bahm, Ottawa1:30:23.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
10840 Coralea Kappel, 1:30:30.7Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF20-29
1092126Kimberly Fabian, Kitchener1:30:33Waterloo Half MarathonF40-49
11041 Jenna Bunny Ladd, 1:30:34.0Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF20-29
11144 Kelley Tessier, Toronto1:30:34.3Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
11245 Jane Weber, 1:30:39.4Peterborough YMCA Half MarathonF30-39
11346 Martina Morton, Huntsville1:30:41Niagara Falls Half MarathonF30-39
11447 Kathleen Beaudry, Ottawa1:30:49.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
1152227Brenda Ortiz Ramon, Monterrey1:30:50Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
11648 Kelley Tessier, Toronto1:30:52.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
11749 Marija Bryne, Essex1:30:58Running from Cancer Half MarathonF30-39
11850 Deborah Powell, Guelph1:30:59Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF30-39
1192328Rosalind Smye Morton, Toronto1:30:59.2Chilly Half MarathonF40-49
12051 Shauna Cobham, Burlington1:30:59.4Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
1211 Sophie Pereira, Sarnia ON1:31:04.7Trot to the Beach Half Marathon RunF1-19
1222429Trudie Smith, St Catharines1:31:07Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF40-49
1232530Stephanie Zammit, Orangeville1:31:09Niagara Ultra Half MarathonF40-49
12452 Laura Couvrette, Toronto1:31:09.1GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
12553 Emily Maclean, 1:31:12.9Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF30-39
12654 Jaqueline Sandoz, 1:31:15.2Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF30-39
12755 Maude Boivin Bouchard, L'Ange-Gardien1:31:19.0Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
12842 Angela Quick, Kitchener1:31:19.5Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
12956 Erin Jennings, ORO-MEDONTE1:31:20Run Collingwood Half MarathonF30-39
13043 Ann-Gabrielle Carette, St-Etienne-De-Lauzon1:31:23.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
13144 Kim Thomas, Milton1:31:29.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
132231Robin Todd, Cambridge1:31:30.1Chilly Half MarathonF50-59
13357 Stephanie Moracci, Leamington1:31:35Hardick Springbank Half MarathonF30-39
13445 Meghan Hughes, Toronto1:31:37Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF20-29
1352632Jen Wright, 1:31:39.4Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF40-49
1362733Elaine Lavallee, 1:31:39.6Oakville Half MarathonF40-49
13746 Erika Giovannetti, Mississauga1:31:41Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
1382834Sarah De Leon, Glanbrook1:31:42Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF40-49
1392935Suzanne Lesnowski, Toronto1:31:44Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
14047 Shawn Tremblay, Val D'or1:31:44.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
1413036Heather Lewandowski, Chesterfield1:31:45Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
14258 Tosha Freitag, Burlington1:31:49.4Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
14359 Marija Byrne, Essex1:31:50Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF30-39
14448 Laura Haliburton, Ottawa1:31:50.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
14560 Kevin Rauwerda, EduDeo Ministries1:31:51Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF30-39
14661 Laura Perry, Orleans1:31:56.4Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonF30-39
14762 Kristin Joudrey, 1:31:58.3Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF30-39
1483137Kerry Walker, Mississauga1:31:59.4Chilly Half MarathonF40-49
14949 Marilaine Savard, Marieville1:32:09.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
15063 Marija Byrne, Essex ON1:32:11.9Trot to the Beach Half Marathon RunF30-39
15164 Angella Goran, Ottawa1:32:13Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
15250 Julia Britton, Ottawa1:32:13.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
15351 Jen Corrick, Orillia1:32:14Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
15351 Melissa Hardy, Moose Factory1:32:14Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
1553238Stephanie Zammit, Orangeville1:32:17Waterloo Half MarathonF40-49
1553238Carrie Scace, Toronto1:32:17Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
15765 Cara Kasdorf, 1:32:18.0Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
15866 Nicole Mikhael, Ottawa1:32:26Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
15853 Christine Drouin, Amherstview1:32:26Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
1603440Michelle Schuler, 1:32:27.9Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF40-49
16154 Sarah Wilson, Stratford1:32:31Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
16267 Dawn Pielechaty, Hamilton1:32:31.2Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
16368 Tessa Archer, Kitchener1:32:36Waterloo Half MarathonF30-39
16455 Kim Osborne, Toronto1:32:38.1Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
16556 Alanna Mcmaster, Brampton1:32:39Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF20-29
1663541Carolyn Turner, Ottawa1:32:39.5Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
1673642Marie-Helene Gravel, Orleans1:32:43.9Ottawa Fall Colours Half MarathonF40-49
16857 Kimberley Brown, Toronto1:32:50.9GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF20-29
1693743Jaye Kendrick, Kinsville1:32:52Running from Cancer Half MarathonF40-49
16969 Cara Kasdorf, Guelph1:32:52Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF30-39
1713844Marie-Helene Gravel, Orleans1:32:52.4Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF40-49
17270 Sarah O'Regan, Etobicoke1:32:53Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
1733945Genevieve Pellerin, 1:32:54.0Canada Army Run 1/2 MarathonF40-49
1744046Stephanie Zammit, Orangeville1:32:56Niagara Falls Half MarathonF40-49
17558 Joanita Louw, Caledonia1:33:00Niagara Falls Half MarathonF20-29
1764147Susanne Darling, Peterborough1:33:03Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF40-49
17759 Jennifer Kimoto, Toronto1:33:05Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
17860 Lilianne Page, Ottawa1:33:06.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
17961 Anne-Sophie Smilga, Rosemere1:33:06.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
18071 Genevieve Pellerin, Luskville1:33:07.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
18172 Paule Levasseur, Candiac1:33:10.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
18273 Lisa Drewry, 1:33:12.7Oakville Half MarathonF30-39
18374 Mary Ellen Siba, Ottawa1:33:13.8Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
18462 Priscilla Forgie, Kingston1:33:15.6GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF20-29
18563 B Hern, Toronto1:33:20.2Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
18675 Kyla Brierley, Toronto1:33:22.4GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF30-39
18764 Meredith Langley, Ottawa1:33:24.6Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
18865 Ainsley Nantes, Kitchener1:33:25Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF20-29
18966 Anna Currie, Ottawa1:33:26.7Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
19067 Aisling Mcghee, Toronto1:33:26.9Chilly Half MarathonF20-29
19176 Nicole Gavin, Ajax1:33:27.4Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
19268 Gillian Fischer, Ottawa1:33:31.1Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF20-29
19377 Gia Rinaldi, Ottawa1:33:31.3Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
1944248Elaine Lavallee, Kitchener1:33:33Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half MarathonF40-49
19578 Paulette Dalton, Toronto1:33:35.2Chilly Half MarathonF30-39
19669 Stephanie Kelley, Toronto1:33:36.2GoodLife Fitness Toronto HalfF20-29
19779 Cynthia Phelan, Ottawa1:33:37.2Scotiabank Ottawa Half MarathonF30-39
19870 Cynthia Hill, ETOBICOKE1:33:39Run Collingwood Half MarathonF20-29
19880 Lauren Zakaluzny, Toronto1:33:39Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half MarathonF30-39
200349Elizabeth Waywell, Guelph1:33:42.5Chilly Half MarathonF50-59